Healing Emotional Struggles and Overcoming Them. Health and Healing.

Caroline Myss, talks about time becoming her most precious commodity. Time and Health, and now she looks at everyone through different eyes. She says that she wants to know who it is that has come to spend their times of their life’s with her, that is has not gone unnoticed. A jewel that you can put in your pocket, that could help you through any of life’s trials and tribulations. What is required for health and healing today. In order to appreciate the stresses of health and healing, you can appreciate and understand the significance of why health and healing is approached the way it is. Why you become hypersensitive, how come we have changed the we have changed? We are not the same species before the species that has come before the nuclear age. All that is forming you, and you are performing it. The nuclear age, was the great turning point. We according to Carolyn Myss, says that we do not appreciate this. We are privileged to be alive now. There are more changes that have gone on in this brief period of time, then have ever gone on before. This period that we are living is changing the future, of human civilization. We are living in an era, where we are about to enter the Galatic community. All the changes in the world are happening because we are taking down the myths of heaven, symbolically, speaking, it is as if we are taking and stealing the fire from the heavens. Only this time, pandoras box, is our insides, this time, the pandoras box, is a very different kind of possibility. Since creation began, into the nuclear age; the wheels that have always formed us creation and the need to survive, the two wheels. At our core, our well being, our need to create, our need to survive. For the first time, we had a force in the nuclear age, that could have destroyed us, but we could not out create it. For the first time, the capacity for the first time to destroy something could not be destroyed. Which is what opened up the ideas of conscious, on who we are, because we were all wiped out. We had to become a whole new species. Inter and outer space became the two new frontiers. All of a sudden we were thinking in ideas unheard of in the nuclear age. The archetype world. Language in the 60’s and the 70’s , we began to talk about ourselves differently, by Carl Jung, through the body mind spirit template.

In entering the nuclear age, what really happened, when we split the atom, went through the portal of cosmic disclosure, energy science, the human community, shifting into the world where energy became dominant over matter. Human consciousness in the 40’s , 50’s believed that matter came before energy, to then waking up in a world, where energy now came before matter. We have been racing to catch up with that truth. Adjusting to every part of life, that thought does come before form, that energy generates matter, that we do influence the creation of our own realities. We are learning the rules for this. Creating and knowing that this is the truth, how do we work with this truth. Looking at our world, we are now living in an energy based universe. We are totally connected to our energy identities, that now we think, we don’t have to leave our own rooms, our apartments to connect to the universe, due to the fact that the internet , is part of our physical universe. We are becoming de- materialized. We are living in between zones.

What makes us sick? healthy? What makes us figure out how to believe, how we can get better, what is the consequence for believing a fear that goes active in your psyche. Carolyn was learning medical intuition, she has a background in theology, military history and science. When god drafts you into what you want to do, you realize you have no training for something to do it, until you do it, you train for it, and you become incredible at what you do. When she began to do readings, she was on her own in all kinds of ways, she did not know about the human energy systems, she was then putting together how to figure out the way to look at things. She studied so deeply, in the ideas of everything, she was never told about the human energy system. Then, when she found out about the chakras, power is the fundamental ingredient in life. Everything is a power negotiation, you evaluate the power-line based on what you wear, what you say, what you do, how much money you have, power to most people is everything. It goes in stages, you want to touch power, things materialized goods. Then it becomes emotional, psychological power. Then, it goes to symbolic. Then you realize, power is grace, that life is all a field of grace, if you let grace use you, life will go a lot better for you.

What she believes is having now, is that we create our own reality, she believes this a mystical truth. This could create narcissism, Aristotle, Socrates, Euriprides, and others, it could be the worst of your instincts running you to the ground due to narcissistic tendencies, due to power line based ingredients. When someone is healed instantly, a disease is coming out of your body faster, then time is possible. When you have gotten guidance how do you take vertical light, creating how much time you want to put into it. How much time, does this take, light and time, created through subatomic densification, putting weight to this, through putting in an illusion. Density, creates time, through the blockage of problems that arises. Speed of light becomes densification, through the calculations, always figuring out how much time goes into a perceptions. Through time and space. One of the reasons people fear truth is become truth is not time, truth is pure light, it can wipe out half of the life that you are living , it is pure timelessness. It can heal, it can destroy, we run from truth. We know too much truth, it can change your life too fast. If there are not enough illusions, you will see clearly, and your life will become more dense.

This is now who you are, an energy being in a physical body, you can start addressing yourself as a creature of matter, living the way you know to be true. The energy coming in through the top of your head, when one of the teachings of buddha says everything is an illusion. He meant by this that we are all in charge of our power, to anything that we see, hear and collect. When something has no power over you, you could feel no authority over you, is feeling this imprint of powerlessness. What we all do in this world, we make choices, we get attached we create anchors. We become attached to that thing, we hemorrhage from that. We hold on to that attachment. In a world we dwell behind our own eyes, our archetypes, our patterns, these make us our tapestries for who we are. We are in this incredible faze, of describing and discovering how fragile, sensitive, strong and incredible we are.

Negativity is not the source of illness, it does not contribute to your health but it is not the only reason a person becomes sick. You understand that building you’re paradigm between health and healing, is what causes you to be thrown a curve ball, through the power struggle. How many people are living in multiple time zones, convinced their life should have or been influenced that they are anchored in just one belief. Your anchors have a lot more to do with the quality of your health and why you lose power this way. The energy anatomy system has to be as well understood as physical anatomy. Protecting yourself energetically. Learning your own energetic nature, has nothing to do with your personality. Personal space, energy invaded, people have private agendas, you cant attend to every person. Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to talk to each person individually. We are much louder with our energy then our voices.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God on Fire ❤

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