Tantric Tools for a Conscious Life, with Ashleigh Sergeant and Christopher Hareesh Wallis

The desire for self improvement, is driven by actions on more of what we think we want, will actually be what makes people happy. Instead to love our life more fully, it is oneself that needs to find the joy and happiness in life. Christopher Wallis, the practice of tantra, is sometimes these elaborate ritual based , pleasure filled lives, filled with clarity. Tantra, is a technology for self realization, empowerment, to find your center, to experience your joy in discovering greater beauty in everyday life. It is a system of practice for people who are living in this world, with jobs, families, and yoga is a big part of it.

What is it as a technology, a system of practices, a sense that there are a huge array of practices that lay on an embodied experience. The body, the mind, imagination , faculty of attention, the breathe. All of these at the same time or separately there is holistic experience in life, an integrated experience, an organic flow, lightness and joy, while negotiating challenges. Cultivating awareness in everything that you do.

The mediation of tantra to the west, and how it has arrived from misunderstandings, it is an intimacy practice, not a partner practice, becoming more fully intimate with yourself. The main problem is that we are not fully aware of ourselves. We need to be present, thinking about the past and future, you can become lost with thought and when you understand your experience; you become lost in a mental construct of people.

Theres a form of meditation of yoga, not abstracting, melting awareness into a holistic totality of the moment, being gently aware of the thoughts that are subsiding. Being aware simultaneously and equally. Then there is a oneness, that is the natural state of being. In the culture we live in we think that the desire to make us happy is desire.Tantra honors desire, however, you can overcome the trap to happiness. Loving what is, is the path to happiness. When you love what is, you can figure out whether or not it gets fulfilled in a paradigm shift.

Self love is letting everything integrate, letting you see or feel whatever you want, not having a twisted experience, that would be a lack of self acceptance. Pushing an idealized image of what is, humans connections, these things are never going to go away, but if you have the humanistic experience, you can understand what it means to be intimate with yourself and the unconditional, self regrade, self love. When you truly experience radical self acceptance, things are ready to fall away. You do this radical self experiences , acceptance, and everything else will fall away. Negative self images will reinforce self images, because the ego will always be right every time. It is a demonization, the ego is not an entity, it is a collection of self images. The reason that it is problematic, we defend the ego, we are invested in others seeing us and having others seeing ourselves the same way. If you let that go, we all have the potential to be much fuller. The more we cling to self images, the more we are limiting ourselves in alignment with the self image, you argue with others less. Persistent thought, is greater sense of freedom and flow.

Practical tips to get into a state of fullness, emotional self care, digestion practices, learning to fully digest your emotions and experiences for the day. Restorative poses, restorative yoga. You figure out what emotions did not get digested or simulated throughout your day. You get in touch with these emotions, you let yourself fully feel it, naturally letting the emotion pull through, it becomes such a nourishing experience, the baggage from one day to the next.

The next is feeding the goddesses of the senses, the love and care you have for yourselves. You nourish one of your senses with beauty. Diving into the experience of food, music, a smell, a sensation of touch. Any of the senses can be nourished in this way. Make it a discipline, where you commit to nourishing one of the senses everyday for 5-10 minutes, you have a beauty and presence, which overflows into our day, nourishing our senses with beauty. A Tantric yoga practice that forms senses and sensuality. It is more powerful if you take 5 minutes throughout your day, when you weave and cultivate awareness it has a more powerful impact from the rest of your life. Interwoven, accessing your centers through your everyday life. It can become so empowering and beautiful to find yourself through the senses.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

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