The Illusion of Normal- Escape The Matrix with David Ike

When you connect the dots, looking at certain events, in terms of we look at things in and of themselves. Over the last thirty years, David says the real truth comes with connecting the events to context. In terms of his life, the relationship the perceived normal, that is nothing more than a construct. It is what the main stream media, science, academics say. That a version of life and reality has been constructed. Due to its normalcy, that anything outside of that cant be normal, well the paranormal is also a normal. He says the human normal is the illusion, while the paranormal is the normal. The paranormal normal is actual interacting and intercepting with events all of the time. What he thought his life was about was to be a professional footballer. Hey says If you do not have a lot of money or apparent opportunity, do not think for a second that you cant have an incredible life, you are in control of this life, and that is what freedom really means. He became a professional presenter for the BBC and was also a journalist after his career ended at 21 for football.

In 1989 when he was working for the Green Party and the BBC, he started realizing there was a presence around the room, and he says he had never felt this before. Then in 1990, he had this extraordinary experience, his son and him were going to have some lunch, they went to a cafe area, near a railroad station. When he standing at the door, the atmosphere changed, he was experiencing an electromagnetic field of some kind, began to complete his mind. Then his feet began to turn into magnets. His mind, told him to look through a bunch of books. He found a book called mind to mind, by betty shine. A psychic, he wanted to know if this lady would be able to pick up this presence in the room, he went to her, she did hands on healing with him. He was there by the third time, he felt a spider web on his face. He read when another person locking into you, you feel some sort of spider web on your face. They try to lock into the same electromagnetic frequencies. About 10-15 seconds later, she said a presence that she can see in her mind, that he was going to go out on a world stage, and he was going to change the world in some way.

The information was going to be put directly into his mind, and the rest was going to be presented to him. Incredibly synchronistic journeys. He wrote a book called “Truth Vibrations” In 1990. He then, in 1990 got a feeling, to go to Peru. He put the TV on, there was a documentary about Peru. He said go with the feeling. Amazing things happened for him, which commentated, into a real life changing parallel normal event for him. He sees this hill, and all he could hear in his head was “come to me” He gets to the top of the hill, he walks into the middle of the stones. What happened to him in the shop, with the book, happened to him on the hill. He felt flows of energy going all around him. Not a voice, but a very strong thought form said ” It will be over when you feel the rain.” He said there was not a cloud in the sky. The energy began to get more powerful, and this energy got so strong, he began to shake. Then he noticed on the distance mountains there was a light gray mist, and then it got darker, and it began to rain. Over that time, the rain began to come towards him in a straight line over curtains in the sky. Suddenly, the energy stopped. Something very profound happened, he went home to Britain, and “Truth Vibrations.” His book, came out. Peru, began the ideas that were pouring into his mind. He was so dumbfounded for three months, He went on the Terry Wogans show, the levels of ridicule he proclaimed, that he would get laughed at on the street. However, there were other forces at work. Karma is real. He no longer had the fear about what other people were thinking. Once you let go of the fear of what other people think, other people are now controlling your life.

In 2003- he had reached the point, where if he was going to move on and really understand what this reality is , he needed to get out there and really observe it, really see it. He decided to take some ayahuasca, a psychoactive drug from a rain forest plant. The first night, he had a great trip. The second night, he got a verse on the illusory nature of this physical reality. He talked about how this physical reality, is a complete illusion. With this complete foundational experience, he realized suddenly the paranormal secede to be para. The information has been ridiculed, but because of his experience with abuse and ridicule, in the early 1990s, he never once considered should he put this out. When you realize the true nature of the eye is awareness, a state of being aware. Transforms life, from an existence into an adventure. That awareness is an infinite , eternal experience. That explores forever, you can go your own unique way. We are unique points of attention, celebrating uniqueness, expressions all that is can ever can be.


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