Gregory Hammer, speaks at the Globe Sound Healing Conference. It begins with music, to soothe the soul. This goes on for about eight minutes, it is so beautiful and soothing. The sound of love conference, featuring David and Gregory. Gregory says he has been eating well, focusing on his sleep, staying fit. If you had all the money in the world Gregory , what would you do to help the planet? He said he would like to provide for and give every human what they are entitled to, healthcare, education and building modern hospitals, living situations.

Tangible perhaps, but he plans to be in Turkey in the fall, and the included a segment on the refugee camps, the camp they featured, the camp housed about 23,000 people. Housing for everybody, container cargo ships. They were outfitted to be cozy homes with modern amenities. They received a supplement every month to get groceries, Syrians were studying the language in turkey, being assimilated into the culture in Turkey. How might you change the medical system?

He says the system is completely broken, we need a single pair system. So many contacts with people who are frustrated with the healthcare system. A single payer would avoid, the situation we have now, shareholders make money, resources are going into the system being dispersed outside of the system.

The large umbrella would be to go to a single payer system. He created a site, David, a sound for sight for hospitals. 30 Treatment plans, 30 pages long, going to hospitals for integrated therapy. The largest training company for dementia patients, where they are working with 200 dementia patients. Sound and music, for people with dementia, can provide, such an incredible connection for them. Gain practice, Gregorys sound playing into that, writing a book, called “Gain without Pain” Gratitude, acceptance, intention, and non-judgement. 8 billion of us want to be happy, the barriers to happiness, causing those barriers to dissipate. Its for health care providers, practitioners. He is doing a lot of tv, podcast interviews, the book was created at large. His publisher, said target audience or be broader, and it was broader, unbeknownst.

Creating a book, The book is called the “Mindful Teen.” Mindfulness based approach to treat teens, on psychotherapy. A guy has been working for 40 years, bringing in schools around the nation, teaching kids to read. Buddhist retreat, he is been mentoring David, to help get their curriculum into schools. Programs in schools, need to be helping children, read, research, and attend to each and every student. Classes that promote mindfulness, sound appreciation, self care, sleep exercise, nutrition, curricula that he would like to see in the school systems. The math of nature, fibonacci and golden mean, and the ways curve over into nature, developing your business into flow systems that work together, math and nature correlating.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

My God, You Got This, Keep Going 🙂

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