Aligning Your Soul Truth On Earth

Catherine O’ Connor, speaks on quantum conversations. Loren Galey, speaks to her, about the quantum realm, the connection to infinite mastery. We are talking about our multiple dimensionality, how you can tune into your soul truth. She has been initiated into the lineage of Thoth, she is a scribe of infinite knowledge, love magic, the divine temple, creator, an evolutionary program to align to soul truth, Catherine. Her journey, into the lineage of Thoth, she signed up for a year program, that was a 3 year program, she was in Egypt, she was in the temple of Hathor, and that was when she was intitated.

She channels him, bringing forth his wisdom, as well as many beings of light. With him and many other beings of light, she has brought through many different programs. She says they also do alignment and healing type work, he brings through messages to people when aligned and appropriate. Starting to bring through vibrational experiences, attuning the cells of the body, the physical and mental bodies, in resonance with who you truly are. Where the earth is, in the 5th dimension, its very much about the individual. Theres a lot that can come through. Its primary thoth, however many beings of light come through.

Can you describe more about him, how he carried the records from Atlantis to Egypt, was he also Lumerian as well. Yes, he was in Lumeria, he carried the records across Atlantis, placed in the temples in Egypt, in the stones in Egypt, under the ground, guarded by the dragons. He had to leave, because the frequency of the planet dropped, he couldn’t be present in the way he had been present. Thoth is there with her now. She personally feels that the information coming through, is he is showing her where he is now, is in time, space, in the vibration of source. It is the imagery that she is shown, resigning in a temporal space. Multidimensionality, vibrating on many dimensions we are not aware of.

His intention to the earth, is to raise the earths vibration, bringing forth those energies, the multiverse, is always expanding, the universe, always expanding, he is aligning the spaces which need to be aligned. Channeling the aspects of the truth, through seeds, in our fields to receive. When she sees him, she sees him in a light, an extraordinary light in mediative states. In temple spaces. It is fascinating that she carried the records with thoth, to Egypt. He is a bodhisattva. How can we become more aware of our soul, and become more aware of our multidimensionality. Catherine says the guides would like to bring through the information through the question, in light language. Bringing through an experience, of your soul light, our your multidimensionality, the soul light, the guiding force, the guiding light.

Essential, in this human evolution, more accessible and viable to tune into our soul. Bringing in the vibrations, to tune into our soul light , that we carry within our soul. In a particular dimension, within our specific dimension, through the third eye, through the heart, tuning into the soul, in many spaces and places. Tuning into the soul, is your frequency, raising the cells of the body, allowing your soul the tune into it. The frequencies are the essence to know it is a part of you, to listen to the soul, to know you have a soul, accept that you have a soul, to find it. Frequencies, to come down from the crown chakra.

Soul alignment, star gate, to allow those frequencies of soul alignment to come in more easily. You need to have your own unique experience, and your own soul alignment. Soul alignment is aligning your soul path. Some of the soul paths are asking to align. Time lines, as we are tuning in, there is essence of the element of both longing and grief, grief is common, deep walling from Egypt to Atlantis. We have been recalibrated through a transition. Allowing any grief, supporting energies, mental fields, perceive this, to be more of a sense of abundance, and free will, more recognition, it was part of a process that was required, that all processes are.

Just allowing any grief, locked in misconceptions, go back to the light, sending this down into the earth. Crystalline energies, mother guide to process this for yourself. Soul alignment, allowing the soul to release that which is past, no longer of service. You are more then you think you are, you are more then just a soul divine being on earth, your soul is asking to experience the expansion, accessing these dimensions where you are residing. High dimensional frequencies. Other dimensional frequencies. Giving and allowing you this experience of other dimensions.

Your more then you could possibly believe and imagine. As Catherine chants, its coming through to her, what they are saying. In the vibration of love, calling speaking of the soul, into alignment. The experience of your multidimensionality, is here to speak forward, in the right relationship with yourself, in the fullness of who you are. You are born on this earth, to be you. The fullness of you. For your divine being, for the direct access point to yourself, to the light, the the directness of you, the experiences of riches, of a soul lit life, in this dimension, as well as all dimensions that reside.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

My God, You Got This, Keep Going 🙂

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