How Can we Diagnose and Treat People who have Memory Problems

There are several ways to diagnose and treat people who have memory problems. Here are some ways to do just that. Diagnosis of an individual, requires a physical examination, and medical history. Where a doctor or health care provider may perform a physical examination and evaluate the patients medical history to determine if there are any underlying conditions.

This is to insure that there are no health conditions that could be pertaining to memory impairment or loss. Then, there is cognitive testing. A cognitive test, may be administered to assess memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions. There is also imagining testing. Imaging testing such as MRI or CT scans may be used to detect any structural abnormalities in the brain.

Treatment for people who are suffering. There are medications people can take. These help to improve memory and cognitive function in some cases. Cognitive behavioral therapy may be used to help patients develop strategies and coping mechanisms for managing memory problems and or issues.

Lifestyle changes, adopting a new way of life, healthy dieting, regular exercise routinely, and engaging in mentally stimulating activities which can help maintain brain health and improve memory function. Memory aids, there are devices such as smartphones, which is a given but it can help people look things up.

Also, remembering things, and even understand new ideas. Calendars, as well as reminders can be used to help patients remember important information. Also, it is important to note, that reading is so imperative, as it brings back neuroplasticity to the brain.


Laura Zukerman

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