Addison Ames speaks on getting to know your soul. Quantum conversations, Loren Galey, speaks to Addison Ames, speaking about infinite possibilites, potential and mastery. Learning what the soul is, how it works, and how we can get to know our soul. Addison Ames, is an awakened spiritual teacher. She welcomes him in, and says anytime there is a full body channel, on metatron, is very exciting. Getting to know your soul, your higher self, how do we truly know when we are truly connected with our higher soul embodiment. He is a channeler, soul work is his speciality.

Our souls are us, humanity is matching up with our souls. Our entire life, is one true up exercise. We have a multiplicity, walking, talking souls. We are humans doing something here, our soul as the truest part of us, is the knower, the divinity, we as our personality as going through this life, in the third dimension, is the seeking and finding. Sharing ideas, figuring it out, we are in the cloak, the suit, of the not knowing, finding out shadow work, ourselves. We are always trying to unearth the truth. There are many things that have been shown true, and that could have been the essence of you, the knower and the not knower, the alignment so we could truly know.

The path continually reveals the truth of us, as we move through the evolution of our own personal story, uncovering everything more and more. Theres a conflict that goes on with the head and the heart, can you talk about the importance of being in the heart. He is a heart centered person, what many people think of as the heart, is really their soul. If your heart is longing to do something, he sees that as a soul call, to do something, your soul, is your best guide, it holds your stipulations of you, your mission, your purpose, your location, your geographies.

The soul guides us through all of these things, the tool is laying in bed at night, putting the busy parts behind you, and you connect with your soul. Saying what am I looking for, what questions do i need to ask, through the dreamscape, through ideas that dawn on us, you can figure these things out. Your soul will always tell you what you need to do. Simple, and powerful. In your own journey, awakening experience, stepping into your role, the trust, and the feeling of trust. We might get that message , but sometimes it might be the ego. How do you anchor into the trust, feeling confident, between the war between our head and our heart, the divide between the two, the feeling you receive from that? Trusting yourself, others. His background is marketing, international corporate marketing. He awakened out of that.

Before that, he was always a very spiritual kid, as above so below, super natural meta physical beings, things. Atlanta Georgia, is where he grew up. He would go to church everyday, he was a minister of music, church work for awhile, connecting to spirituality, concept to god and higher things. Modeling took him to New York, and then marketing happened. Spiritual awakening happening, when higher dimensional beings began talking to him, archangels, teaching him about high concepts, the information was so clear, wise, and high, that he really believed, and was guided through his awakening. He then went to see a reiki master, 6 months straight, and he got a lot of the lower density out of his system.

He quit marketing, began channeling, spiritual awakening work. Since the awakening, the archangels and guides, said you need to do this, and moved him and guided him into some uncomfortable zones. To start a whole new business. In his logical mind, he would not have done that, but the guides pushed him to do this. It is inspiring for others, on a level of trust, to deal with putting away the pain of the past. Awakening, was letting the past go, crying, leaving the low densities, into the higher densities, doubt is your biggest enemy.

Taking time, intention setting, being true, to yourself. Setting the intention, letting the doubt go. He has a book coming out called “Knowing” We are the knowing of ourselves, how humanity is a race that is controlled, what to do through school, religion, politics, news and media. However, we know, how we go from what we are told what to do, to then know what to do, being in the true self, the essence of you, the soul, the personalized, essence and divinity of you. To thy own self be true, do what is true, to what you believe, confidence, overcoming, is when you are called to do, becoming stronger, pushing through the blockages.


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