Christel Hughes and Amanda Hopkins, speak on a mastery empowerment course, from the New Earth One Network. The progression of our soul really displays itself in the process in the life cycles, astrological cycles, that is animated through the body, whether your going through an ascension journey, theres a rocket shooting through you, becoming the brilliant you, the eternal you. You might not know yourself in that spiritual way, the container is the invitation, living in the ethereal realm. Dedicating to your own path, your intention, that you have set with the divine, to come to know yourself, so that it is practical for your.

There is such a capacity, at seeing the expanded realms, but being able to implement it into this world, understanding the flow, when we are not aligned with our soul purpose, our body tells us. Our body tells us through those issues in the body. As we begin to define and identify, we can take charge of our journey. There is something here for me to understand, to learn, to come into greater perspective around it, aligning with the higher energies, with our body and being. The relationship between our energetic system and our body system.

We are being called to ascend to be called into a new dimensional earth. As we know, we are being pulled, back and forth, society, treating each other well, the devil coming out in society, theres this division of divine brilliant light and shadow. Zoom out of this, we want to start to recognize that we are being influenced by the cosmos. Dimensions, over the last several years, what does that mean to move through portals, the reason humans are being drawn, to grown and evolve, is because we are the light workers, the ones who will experience it first, being told it first.

What is your relationship with the cosmos. How extreme it is , to zoom back down to your world, your life, your personal relationships, then expand out, does that feel lighter, there are other energies, and beautiful energies in the cosmos supporting you. Or does it come back to the ego and itself. Empathically, and effectively, we are being called to this new dimensional earth. Our minds cant continue to function at just the earthly domain consciousness. We needed a shift in our consciousness, advocating, shifting our own minds, the emotions, and mentality live in our aura.

We accept the mental constructs, when those go down to the physical body, we need to upgrade this. Metratron, is the archangel of the future, and when we see that we are in this preservation, being stretched, our mental body, is letting go of the old consciousness. Our earth body, has an emotional body, just as our aura has an emotional body, as our earth is shifting, it is becoming a new dimensional earth, and its shifting, just like a snake shedding its skin, the earth is shifting, with us. Moving out of the situation that we are in, can we stop with the old habits, can we get out of this. Our degree of our physical body, is health, strength and vitality. We have to look at the cranial system, being in alignment to accept and process the new earth energy.

The physiological expression, purging the old emotions, adjusting to more light into the body. As we go into that transitional bridge between earth and human, we start to see that the cranial system, the chakras, what is happening, can we open our minds to, higher minded dimensional reality. Supporting our cranial system, our nervous system, what indicates what is safe and what is not. Our sutures of our brain, the cranial system upgrade, to accept but also to process, the physical body process container, processing the light.

Bridging a dimension, in the planet earth, aura. Processing as a faster rate. The electromagnetic resonance, generating by light, if we start to see the shift, the change, in the human resonance wave, theres an increasing vibrational happening. It is influencing mainly, the temporal and spacial variation of light. Intensity is growing, and the location around our planet is growing. The degree to which your light body has built out, with the physical body, as we are shedding the old mentality, the mental constructs, the up-gradation.

Cutting edge, of building out your light body, the food that your putting into your body, is how you will dictate how you feel, and your emotional body, what your watching , reading, to grow, to build out. How do we feel on this planet, are we able to align, expanding our aura. Our light body, is templated for us, just as planet earth , is trying to build out its light body. Interconnectedness of all things. Understanding these degrees, how you need to be support, be supported in healing, devotional plan of your soul, ascension, attuning you, this is the preparation. Wake up and remember, that you are making these great decisions for yourself, the next level for your soul, embodied, and in the essence of being, practicality, and the spiritual.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

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