Kim Van DeSande speaks on love language activation, on your higher self connection and embodiment. Unlocking your hearts power. She has been activated on trips to Egypt, and she is on a mission to save everyone into love activation. Love is the force of creation, the reason why we are here, what the power of love can do. What love can really do. Her first tour was in Egypt.

People need to come home within ourselves, we need to be willing to embrace, holding space for every part of our being, the joyful sides, but also the child inside. The terrible parts of us, embracing and feeling your heart expanding. You elevate in love, feeling deeper layers within yourself. Parts within yourself, shadows that you were not ready to face. You can push them down, however, as you experience and elevate, you embrace these shadow parts with love, unconditionally.

Love has no conditions, experiencing and embracing all that you are, your joy, your shadow, your judgements. With love activation, you are going into powerful places within ourselves, as a temple, the love within our hearts. Feeling anticipation for her trip to Egypt, the vivaciousness. Facing the shadows is it easier for you to embrace everything? It is about creating resilience, connecting within, a tree, the stronger the roots, the stronger you become, through a trigger, through a challenging moment.

Within seconds she can shift whatever energy she feels, however it all begins within with love. Our energy fields, different experiences within the energy field. Darker fields, lighter fields, within our subconscious levels, layers. Love is truly the alchemising power. Instead of forcing it to go away, the moment of growth, is when you start to realize that you can resist the fear, the anger, the over and over again thinking.

Stretching ourselves, taking leaps. Becoming activated, to harmonize them, to love them ,to love yourself, inner wholeness, loving every part of you. The heart, really opening, your inner support network, the soul, mother earth, your higher self. The driving force, with everything. Create, heal, stand within yourself. Going from a chronic illness, doing inner work, she changed her whole life, remembering she was supported, and loved.

Every part of you has wisdom, activating that wisdom, she then takes us to close our eyes, centering in this now moment, bringing this energy to the body, to your awareness. With you awareness go to your heart, begin to relax. Take deep breaths. Being in this conscious space, as opening this sacred portal of connection within yourself, inviting your higher self to co create with you. With ease, grace, and softness, experiencing the power within your heart, soul, essence of your being. She says receive these light love language codes, and begins chanting. Watch her on new earth one network. xx


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

My God, You Got This, Keep Going 🙂