Jen cunnings speaks on energy alchemy. Designed exclusively for your higher self connection and embodiment. She is a sound alchemist, and we are talking about empathy and most people are aware that feelings that come up, emotions, that are not really theres. Explaining the definition of empathy according to Jen, she had never heard of the word empath, and she read an article about 30 traits of an empath. She left corporate to create a healing practice, 10 years ago.

She says the traits are the ability to feel, tendency to feel others emotions, over giving, undervalue, inner worth. Becoming overwhelmed. When she began her healing practice, she was beginning her journey of discovery, in feeling anxious. She had this flashback of being a young girl, being nervous, feeling anxious inner work, healed her. Through thousands of sessions, she realized how does this become created. It could be nature vs nurture, some people have more traumatic less safe environments in our childhood.

Child heightened intuition, is a survival mechanism, making yourself safe. Compromising what is true for us, our authenticity, our voice, not always being honest with ourselves, because we are always deferring to ourselves. That sense of taking on other peoples emotions, and not knowing how to keep their energy clear. It is essential, to take energetic care of ourselves, everyday. Empaths take on more energy then others. The deeper level, is core wounds, past trauma, fear, beyond this life time. Fear and self worth.

There are trapped emotions we hold in our bodies, it becomes repressed, suppressed. Theres many traits, a lot of many ways it is expressed. Definitely these trends, sensitivity, light workers, healers, are all empathic, theres a bridge where the place where the empath does not know how to manage it, it can be tuned up alchemized, managed, and become a super power. 100 percent of her clients are empaths, are all people empaths? Are we naturally empathetic? The majority are not aware that is not going on. Do we all have that ability?

We are all connected and all one. When we are not weighed down by the haggles of life, we are awakened, we have become awakened, that sense of empathy gets turned up and on. Starting to see, sense or know things. Then its the awareness of how utilize these sensitivities of journeys to service work if your called into that. We are all empathetic to varying degrees. Strengthening your energy, keeping it clear, when in crowds. Center into your heart, emanating the frequency of love, the shifting of the frequency of the whole, not the effect of , but becoming the effect around us. Managing the energy. If you hinder your energy, you will not be able to live the life you want.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

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