Barbara Canals, speaks on your higher self connection and embodiment. She is a consciousness and energy activator, performing aura transformations, it is a conscious energy expansion treatment, to new time energy. She will be doing a mastery empowerment course. We are beginning a new transformation of consciousness, part of her mission is to communicate this information, is where we are in our evolution and how can expand our consciousness, becoming integrated, anchoring their spirit into their body and energy systems.

It is important, she says to do these steps, in order to evolve and stay in this new time on this earth, as the earth is transforming, into a more spiritual world, she wants you to join her on this journey through evolution, protecting our energy and auras. She says different auras breakdown and you jump into a higher aura , at higher frequencies. As you embody spirit, you activate yourself, you begin crystalizing in a karmic relationship, what all of these relationships can bring to you at different points in your life. It will give you a broader perspective.

Things will begin to start shifting in your life. More possibilites, more potentiality in your life, we are evolving, walking into new areas of our life, constantly. Aura transformation, she does in person, however she talks about it. It changed her existence erratically, and she believes that aura transformation is an upgrade. Crystal energy systems, integrate correctly, the new influxes of energy coming into this earth, instead of making you exhausted, tired or feeling ill, having ailments, you can sustain these energies; having these energies work for you in different possibilities. She begins doing an energy transformation.

The energetic transformation, brings your conscious being to a whole new level. Understanding information at a deeper level. Its her spirit, source and body, she opens crystal energy, which is guiding our evolution, the energies are love energies, they know what they are supposed to do in everyones specific systems. Some people have strong sensations, memories, colors, auras, you begin to feel a shift. If you feel as if this is for you, start following her, and have her do aura cleansing for you. What is really vibrating with us, is opening us up to higher vibration , higher consciousness, taking back our power.

She says, that with this expanded consciousness, you are in a space of love, with expanded consciousness, holistic healing, finding your own truth. Close your eyes, she beings chanting. She then chants in a different language that makes your feel extremely calm, it is very powerful. I would definitely say look up her!! She makes you feel relaxed, at ease, and calm. Im not sure what language she begins speaking in, but do not fret, it is soothing.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

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