Amma Lu, begins singing relaxing and calming the mind. She is a miracle worker, world renowned for her healing voice, and her burn out that she has had. Amma says she has witnessing great transformation in the world for people, collective wave of awakening that is happening. Many people who are healing because of ailments, conditions that they are concerned about, we can actually undo the creation of these problems through sound and other transformability’s.

David, begins interviewing and speaking with her. You have the ability to change any problem through sound and meditation, healing any sickness, if you put your mind in the right state of consciousness. Amma says that we do not celebrate miracles enough, because as a society we have normalized suffering. When Amma was in her early 20’s she was given the prognosis that she had a heart condition, having to be on beta blockers until her forties, and would not live into her forties, and here she is. We always have the choice to decide, is that really the choice that you resonate with, or the choices that succumb to us through our sense of worth.

Amma used to work in corporate, working full time all day everyday, then when the doctors told her this, she began the healing journey. She wanted to create, effect and make that difference in the world. Deciding that she was not giving up, she wanted to know what true love is, what is loving life really mean? The invitation we all go through is going through pain and even the idea of death, the loss of life, until we realize, that we can become healers. She is right, its about what is true deeply inside the soul.

She helps thousands of people, from the inside out now, we are here to be victorious. In existence itself, consciousness is that we as beings of consciousness always get to choose, we never are beholden to the losses of these choices. God is a merciful force of nature, and extremely loving, and one with the universe. David is saying that he is thinking about a new medical system, doing a meditation on loving yourself, setting your intention, on overcoming this disease, how do you do this? Well you cultivate and visualize, that you are going to be okay. You mediate and pray on it, you keep it out of your mind, and you heal from the inside out.

The first hospital in the world, was a garden in Greece, so what is the new healing system, well healing each other, healing themselves. Amma says a lot of it starts in the mind, and then shows up in the body as a negative, the body has all of the equipment to heal itself, without any pharmaceutical assistance. Space, the field needs to change, maybe not the structure of the selves. If you look at the creation of a hospital, it was all due to germ theory, before we did not need hospitals, because we lived in harmony with the earth itself, space, a field that was resonate with the earth frequency.

When in complete harmony with the earth, it is strong, resilient, and has all of its full capabilities turned on, fields of resonance. Her past life memories of Atlantis, she says we created sounds, through fields, that would cause mass illness and harm to the human body, if it were black magic or something harmful, however, switching the sound frequencies, and the different fields, to harmonize with the earth, and change everything. She is speaking about the love frequency, love beyond constance. Love is pure light, Amma says , its our saving grace, remembering that through love, we become victorious, and healing ourselves and each other.

We need to remember how to access the sacred power within ourselves, for the right reasons, our souls, our spirits, what our ancestors, have prayed for. When we have suffered from mass extinctions, we prayed, our ancestors prayed, that we would be the answer, that is what we are here to do, heal, teach, and understand that we can heal everyone from the inside out. Sharing this with others, activating their healing gifts, utilizing this, when people are suffering. Focusing on the inner, not looking at the outer, hearing their truth, the journey of awakening of who we truly are as spirit, we are boundless, expansion, lightness, expansion can be brought into this physical vessel. We constantly seek validation, someone to accept us, but thats someone seeking the external the drug, the pill, healing inward, switches the focus. Our focus, turns to the soul into the guiding light, guiding by our internal knowing instead of external opinion.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God On Fire ❤

My God, You Got This, Keep Going 🙂