Allison Holley, speaks on connecting with her true essence. Feeling that love, presence, a portal through her eyes. The way that she discovered she was a star seed, she was told that her soul was seeded in the Androminin galaxy. She had visions that were very powerful, when that slowed down, she was practice going into a channeled space and asking questions. During channeling, she asked where am I from? When she heard about reincarnation, she believed she was brand new here, she believed she was a brand new baby, and ancient and eternal, a knowing. The moment where she was sitting, she had the couch on her back, and she heard Andromeda. She looked it up, andromeda ,is a galaxy, an entire system. She trusted it, she asked what the beings there looked like, the people were tall, eight feet, blue, with diamond long shaped heads, big eyes, and a lot of love. At the time, this was new for her. She believed it to be very profound. She looked on google, and found out that it was legitimate, but the images she had seen in this visionary moment, were not what she had originally seen until about 3 years later. In her consciousness, that was the validation. It helped her then to trust in the messages she was receiving, the connection, the information she was receiving. She teaches channeling. Tuning into her essence of herself, and it makes her feel happy. Teaching channeling, she says over the past 10 years, her purpose, her journey, even in the quantum realm, going beyond what we know , there is a lot of trust. Femoral, fleeting. Trust in something so much larger, the present moment, the core, and finding that in the core, running through all things and all beings. Trusting in, herself, a frequency, that she can experience, and she keeps going. Instead she questions, navigating more, what else is possible, what else is out there. Comforting herself through the not knowing. The frequency the key essential thing. Elated, through 2012 experience, many people believed there would be this tangible change. Everyone is shifting. A beautiful product of that shift, even more people are waking up, the word waking up, what does it mean exactly. What was it about the awakening that took you out of the ordinary? Sometimes she pauses, as an example of what it is. That pause, her friend Monique did a ted talk on the power of the pause. There is so much energy, and power, the present moment, is the power, in her awakening, she was hit with the present moment. The feeling that it evokes, vibrationally her whole sense of stability, with being bombarded. Talking about a human perspective, she had lost her voice, she owned a fitness studio, she lost her voice for 6 months. She had a partial voice, whisper, to a croaking. Then, she was teaching a class, threw her neck out, she knew she needed a shift, she did not have an awareness of what this was. She went to a practitioner, she said I’m noticing all of the issues you are describing are right in the throat chakra, you might not be speaking your truth, she went home and ended her relationship. Something kicked out of the way, the normal was no longer normal, catalyzed by a breakup, something out of the ordinary happens. Our mental matrix breaks, in that moment where it breaks information floods in, holding a net, that keeps it out. terrifying but elating, this part in her that felt that this was more normal then who she was before. Suddenly, the lights turned on. It puts it into perspective, there are layers to awakenings, we are never quite done with an awakening. This mental matrix, we are continuing to break this down. At the beginning of this year, the only thing holding the old world together, was just a memory of it. This is a powerful time right now, everything is intense. Going into our higher faculties even more , connecting even deeper. Until Alison, was aware what was going on with her, she was not sure she could keep living. Its not always a smooth ride, but we can get caught up in the house of meers, the astral plane, we are breaking through, the mental matrix where everything is projected, the mental sphere, being projected outward, not deeply rooted and from the heart. High emotional frequencies make it difficult to channel. Energy, focus, and channeling, you need your mind to be rewired. You need to close your eyes, focus, in the quantum everything is now, to make these transitions, we go through the worm hole, traveling that fast in a human experience, can be scary, but it can also be incredible.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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