Recent Progress in Optimization Methods for Latent Heat Thermal Storage Systems

There has been significant progress in the development of optimization methods for latent heat thermal storage systems in recent years. These systems are a type of thermal energy storage system that use the latent heat of phase change materials (PCMs) to store and release energy.

One of the key challenges in optimizing these systems is determining the optimal set of operating conditions, such as the temperature and flow rate of the heat transfer fluid, that will maximize their performance.

Several optimization techniques have been developed to address this challenge, including genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, and simulated annealing.

In addition, to optimizing the operating conditions, researchers have also focused on developing new PCM materials with improved properties, such as higher latent heat capacity and improved thermal conductivity.

These materials can improve the performance of latent heat thermal storage systems and make them more practical for a wider range of applications.

Overall, the development of new optimization methods and improved PCM materials is helping to make latent heat thermal storage systems more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sustainable.

With continued research and development in this area, we can expect to see even greater progress and innovation in the field of thermal energy storage in the coming years.


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