Processing and Modeling of Porous Materials for Energy Conversion and Energy Storage

Porous materials have been extensively researched for various applications in energy conversion and storage technologies. These materials possess unique properties such as high surface area, tunable pore size, and good thermal conductivity, which make them highly attractive for use in a variety of energy related applications.

One of the primary applications of porous materials in energy conversion is in the field of catalysis, where they are used as catalysis, where they are used as catalyst supports to enhance the performance of heterogenous catalysts. Porous materials can also be used as electrodes in batteries, super-capacitors, and fuel cells, where their high surface area and pore volume allow for efficient transport of charge carriers.

In the context of energy storage, porous materials can be used as active materials in lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, and other energy storage devices. Porous carbon materials, for instance, have shown great promise in the development of high performance lithium ion batteries due to their excellent electrical conductivity and high specific surface area.

In addition, porous materials can be used in the design and fabrication of thermoelectric materials, which convert heat into electricity. Porous materials with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance can be used in the construction of thermoelectric modules to boost their conversion efficiency.

To model and optimize the performance of porous materials for energy conversion and storage applications, various computational methods, including ab initio calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, and density functional theory, are commonly employed. The application of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques is also making significant contributions to the optimization of porous materials for energy conversion and storage applications.


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