Neural mechanisms of perceptual decisions, relating to cognitive control and cellular mechanisms

There are several neural mechanisms that are involved in perceptual decisions, including the following.

1. Sensory Encoding: This involves the processing of sensory information by neurons in the sensory organs.

2. Integration of Sensory Information: This involves the combining of information from different sensory modalities to form a coherent percept.

3. Attentional modulation: This involves the selective amplification of neural signals that are relevant to the task at hand.

4. Decision Making: This involves the integration of sensory information and the generation of a motor response.

5. Neural noise: This refers to the random fluctuations in neural activity that can affect the accuracy of perceptual decisions.

6. Feedback and Learning: This involves the use of feedback to update the neural representations underlying perceptual decision making and improve the accuracy over time.

7. Neural Oscillations: The synchronization of neural activity across different brain regions can support the integration of sensory information and the maintenance of information in working memory.

8. Neural Plasticity: Changes in the strength of synaptic connections between neurons can underlie learning and memory, allowing the brain to adapt to new perceptual and cognitive demands.

9. Neuro-Modulation: Chemical signals such as dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine can modulate neural activity to enhance or suppress particular perceptual or cognitive processes.

10. Executive Control: Prefrontal cortex and other brain regions can exert top-down control over perceptual processing by biasing attention, altering the weighting of sensory information, and inhibiting irrelevant stimuli.

11. Perception-Action Coupling: Sensory processing and motor planning are tightly integrated, allowing perceptual decisions to guide actions and vice versa.

12. Multi-sensory Integration: The combination of information from different sensory modalities can improve the accuracy and reliability of perceptual judgements.


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