Relax, Everything is Always Changing For You.

Teacher, mystic, and yogi Sah D’Simone is the originator of the Somatic Activated Healing™ method. In this heart-based approach, he focuses on teaching his students how to be present in their minds and bodies, grounded in the path to enlightenment. Relax, everything is temporary. When things are changing it is frightening, scary, we are going to start making friends with change. Everything changes, we might feel a little uncomfortable preferring things to be the same, buddha says “Pain is inevitable, love is a choice.”

Pain without suffering, my hope is that you figure out according to Sah, that you can experience the transitory nature of life, in the present moment. When we are not in our bodies, when we process change from the present moment, we are a natural part of life. Something that we are not going to be scared of things. When we are not in our bodies, we interrupt things as bad. Somatic- living body. When we are in our bodies, we can experience the transitoriness of life. You are going to start to make friends, with the changing nature of things.

Everything is temporary, can you learn to navigate pain without suffering. As an initiation, operating, and when you are present you will experience change, and there will be no suffering. When we are not present, we don’t experience the here and now. Bring your palms to your heart, and say change is inevitable, I am willing to make friends with change, with all in wonder. Blink your eyes open, and slowly when ready, stand up with Sah, beginning a somatic activated healing 4 components, movement, breathe work, activation and affirmation. Get to know what is happening in your body. A quick spiritual inventory.

What is going on in the mind, in the body, scanning your inner world. Tension in your mind, perhaps a thought that comes up, a narrative a story. Perhaps theres a painful memory that is resurfacing, or has resurfaced. How is the body? Is their tension in the body? Is the body tired? So let’s take a moment right now to put a transitory label in our inner land scape, place a label, closer to a ten. The body is tense, a feeling of exhaustion, place a label closer to a one. Take that number and realize this is transitory. Start dancing, and shake your body, like your life depends on it. Getting rid of everything that is bothering you.

Keep it going, with your feet flat on the ground. Now shake, moving your legs up and down. Addable exhale, three times. Fire breathe practice, and then arms down saying hah, up and down breathe movements. Now rest your hands, do you feel the changes taking place. Notice, that we can relax, and everything is temporary. Everything has started to change, the quality of your breathe and your hands, noticing your body being alive. Everything is temporary. The somatic work, is mastering being in your body. Breathe in and breathe in again and breathe out, say HAH. In, in and out. Two breathes in through the nose , in in out. in, in out. In, In, Out. Ha is what you’re breathing out. Rest your hands next to your body, do it with Sah!! You will realize these beautiful changes. Life is always changing is the affirmation, now repeat that, and keep saying it. And please do this with Sah on Gaia, he will change the way you feel, TODAY!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God<3

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