Ancient Cataclysms that Reset Humanity

Into the vortex, with Jimmy Church, Randall Carson, a theological explorer, is with him, and he is speaking with him today. The suppression of knowledge, and it is expanded, outside of the box, trying to figure out the hidden history that we are not taught. Jimmy asks how many ancient civilizations existed before 3000 BC? Thousands of generations of humans before recorded history. How easily three centuries could be lost, within the thousands of years, that could go back. Definitive information, is prehistory, before main stream academia, and main stream science. Pottery being created 20,000 years ago, a quarter century ago, in the continuum of history, there have been excessive remodeling in the world. One of the most recent events, effecting the entire continent, the magnitude and intensity of these events. The channel skadlands, is grand coolie, dam, in North America.

The basalt bedrock, its 1-5 miles wide. We think this would normally take millions of years, it probably took a few weeks. With 50 miles an hour. The flow that just created that one flood channel, taking all the different rivers, you are still not even 10 percent of all the rivers, that created grand coolie. Epoch, the Holocene, where modern history began. We see the domestication of animals, dispersion of languages, the genesis of modern civilization. Three thousand BC, nothing before. Ancient Sumer, Ancient Egypt, present in every continent and every modern present day, and says things are not what they seem. The dogmas, advanced, tremendous level of social organization.

Beyond the capabilities of hunter , gather tribes, you have to ask why substance farmers, were creating these amazing structures all over the world. It coincides with the great ice age, breaking to an end. The under dryas, a succession, of the end of the last ice age, a cluster of catastrophic events. The sun, observations, with satellite survariers of the sun, then what was previously recognized. Giant planets come towards the sun, it begins outgassing, a comet nucleus is a very friable object. In March of 1993, it ripped 1 comet nucleus into Jupiter, one after another. If it had missed Jupiter, it would have led to a miterer stream. The planet was plunged into a huge ice cold, 60-100 miles in diameter, this comet nucleus, encountered the dauberies. Huge amounts of dust, cause solar radiation to bring back out, bringing about a cosmic winter. Ungodly rainstorms, will happen, around large areas of the planet.

North American continent, cubic ice piled up on the continents. All of this is water , lofted out of the ocean, stored on the continents for 10-15 thousand years. 400 feet, and the lowest sea level. Beginning of recorded history, in the after math, terminating the great ice age. Wiped out, the wooly mammoths, all animals, extinction was not gradually, it was catastrophic. An event that severity in magnitude, the human species, was definitely wiped out as well. What happened to the dinosaurs? All of these fossils were found in tremendously violent gravel deposits.

Over and over and over again. Organic material, and settlement, were formed in the gravel. 2 classes of survivors, vulnerable to mass extinction of its own species. Bans of scattered survivors. If you had a group that survived by the luck of the draw, isolated, no understanding or comprehension that the whole world, had been destroyed. 20 years to prepare for the event, do we try to avert the catastrophe, or do we selectively go around and inform people if you do this our that you’ll survive.

1908 in Russia, comet Anki, spawned a form of bodies. Earth crosses the meteor stream twice, toured stream. When it emanates from space. Tanggula, was an atmospheric explosion. Flattening a Tiaga forest. The force of that blast was in 50-mega tons, bigger than the hydrogren bombs. There are sunken islands, immediately towards the heroclis. The age of the earth is 4 1/2 billion years. If we are scrubbing the planet for 5-10 billion years at time, would it surprise you would could have had civilizations rise and go away, yes 100 percent.


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