Pentagon, Washington DC and The Power Elites.

Structures of Space and Time. Robert Lawlor’s intensive exploration of sacred geometry, sacred numbers and their correlation to the Yuga cycles from the Puranas, reveals historical events which affect the continuing development of human consciousness. Ben Stewart talks about all of this. The pentagon, holding cohesion to society, representing, war, famine, plagues, pollution and catastrophes. This pentagon of destruction is under way, we have already entered the twilight of the human development. We are able to emulate all of these changes, and natural catastrophes. Famine and the power of famine, is intensifying through famine and starvation in the world. With this pentagon, we see that this sort of information, coveys conceptual ideas. Moving through mythology, and other information structures. Ideas from the past and present circumstances as well.

The pentagon, holds the entire geometry, in which the small and the largest part, have the duration of the manifest world. The golden mean, the created world, the manifestation of mind, into the three dimensional world. One more stage to lead to the 4th power. It ceases to be the individual portion to the whole, smaller to the larger. Above it as well as the intellectual process within. The inverse, any number is any number standing over one. And it is its inverse, is above 1, going back to one. One over 5, is the process of having not a state of being, reaching its inverse.

The pentagon, holds the pentagram, the images proportionate to man. The inverse, holds the deity of baphomet, the deity of the templars. Holding all the creators of the light, and its inverse, holds the darkness and destruction. The Falis, is the pentagon, between Isis, between biological form. The central offices, of the US forces are housed in Washington DC. Washington DC, might be the esoteric capital of the world, scattered throughout the district, Hermes, Zeus, and Aphrodite, encircled by the 12 signs of the zodiac. Hermes on the right, represents wisdom and knowledge, principle figure of form, cohesion and continuity.

Zeus, is the hierarchy, the military and power. Aphrodite, is beauty, and the manipulation of those factors. Distraction and manipulation of human energy. The sun moves out of Pisces, after Aries, in 2060 years. We will then pass into Aquarius. Zeus, god of the sky and thunder, between scorpio and Sagittarius and the exact center, in 1998, moved from scorpio, to Aries- 1,198 is 3,7;37×54. The number which defines important intervals, in the Uga. The slope of Zeus’s right fore arm, is the anti center of the galaxy, between Taurus and the Gemini.

The left heel of Hermes is the exact shoulder blade of Taurus, that is the beginning of the Kali Yuga, the indoiranian god, mythris. His left hand, stabbing the beast with the neck in his blade with his right hand. The representation of the Kali Yuga in 3606 BC. 3100-3606- stone henge was built, according to archaeologists. It is also a time when the planetary aligned all planets, the formation of the Egyptian empires. The Torrid astroids, expected to be in the earths orbit at the end of the Kali Yuga. Perhaps, this is happening again, with a space program, they really understand the real Kali Yuga system.

If they know the sun will eventually supernova, will they protect themselves and their assets? If these rumors are true, will they build arches to eventually leave this earth?? There have been pictures of mars from millions of years ago, with flooding waters, and life forms. I was thinking that this was Atlantis. 60,000 years, there may have been a settlement, where there was an asteroid, or in Egypt. This is speculation and conjecture. Photographs that can hardly be explained in any other way.


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