Quest for Unity

Dr Teresa Bullard, speaks on making sense of our physical experience, making the symphonies of life. Grasping the mind of god, through challenges. The progress that has been made in overcoming them, the search for unity in our lives. The two main pillars, are quantum field theory, and general relativity. Quantum mechanics can explain 3 of the four forces, general relativity explains gravity but it does not explain, quantum phenomenon. Attempts to incorporate gravity into the standard model of quantum physics, run in, in infinities, and deep paradoxes; quantum models. How does this knowledge have any relevance to our lives? The search for unity, is the search to know ourselves and where we come from.

Our origin, is to know our true self, tapping into our true potential. The theory of everything, reveals that everything is an unbroken wholeness. The unity is a source, that goes through a paradigm shift; what kinds of paradigm shifts are happening now. Space time, matter and energy, are no longer fundamental, but rather emergent properties, out of some proper reality. Water, is made of H20 molecules, they do not have the quality of being wet, they could be in a frozen state, or dry. They are desecrate and individualized. Space and time is the fundamental back drops, matter and energy is the building blocks, that emerge in a deeper reality. What is this deeper reality? Our notions of what is real?

Space, time, energy and matter, are just some attributes. Similar of how water, ice and moist air, is all different emergent states of water. However, we cant experience H20 molecules, but we can experience this with our mind. Visualizing and imagining a single molecule of water. Dr Massaro Emato, speaks about this, in former essays that I have written. We can use our consciousness to impact on our consciousness. At the same time, long before science, ancient shamans, alchemists and mystics, interacted with experienced beings, the consciousness behind, all materia. Science can help our deeper reality, to impact how it manifests itself into our exponential realm.

Science informs us, art is how we use that, and express how we use that in metaphysics. Concepts such as super symmetry, super fluidity, higher dimensions, coherence, and geometric natures. Unifying physics, string theory, is very elegant and lends itself from hermetic and core principles, into the deeper reality. Vibrating strings into space time, being found at the smallest microcosmic scale called the plunk scale. String theory makes predictions, beyond what the standard model has already verified. Particles, filling the galaxies, ten spacial dimensions plus time, causing us to consider our dimensionality. The laws of string theory are equipped to the laws of harmony. These are not yet verified, but predicted.

The information patterns, govern the information into our universe, the quantum vacuum. The final scientific approach is one that is from 2013, findings from a new mathematical object they call the Amplituhedron, a space who’s geometric structure, conjecturally, determines scattering amplitudes, in a certain class of quantum field theories. 4 tetrahedra connected by their faces, it is purely an abstract object. These dictate the facets of this jewel. It can now be done in a one line formula, calculating the geometry, underlying everything. This model is of pure number and geometry. Rather than, in space time and quantum probability.

One of the reasons that most attempts to find quantum gravity has failed thus far, is because of unitary and locality. They are based on old paradigms. They said unitary must add to one. This assumption breaks down, when gravity becomes involved, in small scales. We know from entanglement this is not always true. Physics needs to be reformulated, without either of those old principles. This is exactly, what the Amplituhedron does. The existence of space time and the particles in it, are a results of the geometry, called twisters, that exist in a purely mathematical space. Coming from the infinite source, somewhere beyond or transcendent of our physical universe.


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