From Source To Creation and Back Again

Theresa Bullard, speaks on how the universe came to be. Was there anything before the universe. Studying the scientific and unified cosmology. We yearn to understand this vast universe, and this creation in it. Was the universe created from nothing, or was there no beginning and no end, eternal. We can reconcile these contrasting views. Ancient teachings of cosmology, can give us new views into the multiverse. While many religions placed Earth, it was not always the dominant view, some said the sun was the center. Mayans had a galactic calendar, based on cycles around the milky way. Scientific revolutions began during the renaissance. by Nicolas Copernicus, said the Sun should be the center of the universe.

Johannes Kepler, improved on this idea making a sacred model of the solar system. Then, Galileo Galilei, supported these ideas as well. It was not until Sir Isaac Newton, that this idea was to be brought into the equation, forming his laws of gravitation, where the scientific revolution was finally cemented into the world of astrophysics. While we know about these scientists, they were all initiates. Scientific Cosmology has changed since the renaissance era, having a rebirth. It started with Einsteins theory, saying space, time is curved and dynamic. Edwin Hubble, said this to be true. Then theories of the big bang happened.

Through space exploration and quantum technologies, we have our sights set on the multi-verse. Space time being curved and dynamic, was Issac Newtons ideas. The universe started with an explosion, about 14 billion years ago. How does this model compare to ancient meta-physical technologies. Kabbalah coincides, with big bang models. The first Kabbalah book, was a retranslation of genesis number 1. Modern cosmology, astrophysicists. How might Kabbalah, guide these instincts. How do they relate, the cabalistic tree of life. Out of the vacuum, emerging out of the quantum seed, infinitely dense and tiny.

Time did not exist. The top of the tree of life, know as the crown, is the singularity, that at this point everything is a unified coherent whole. Total unity, all is absolute perfection, the center point for perfection. Wisdom, the second point, was actually space time expanding itself. Through the big bang, no literal bang, but an explosion of force, causing a shattering. In Kabbalah, there was such energy from source, the vessel shattered. A primordial chaos in-sues. The tree of life, then falls back into rearrangement. Water is uniformed and smooth, but as it freezes, crystals crack, bubble and crystal. Water symmetry is then broken, rearranging themselves into a new formation. What shatters, unity itself. This first cause leads to the expansion of space time. Gradational expansion, becoming its own entity, all light and matter are still unified and formless.

Understanding is the third part of the tree of life, governing all laws in creation. Having very feminine characteristics. Planted in the womb of space time, a size of a single atom. Expanding and cooling, causing a space change and breaking. Separating the strong force, to the weaker forces. Protons and neutrons to form nuclei. The electroweak era. Fluctuations, became cosmic seeds, the future stars, solar systems, would be synthesized, into the elements we are made of. Taking on a fractal behavior. A pattern repeated, on every scale. The form of the triangle, establishing the roots of masculine, feminine and unity and balance. The generative system for all creation. The Higs field, is the cause of mass. The weak force, is nuclear decay, the final shattering is the abyss on the tree of life. White light, when shining from a prism, above is symmetry, below is the world we know. The sphere of love and light, on the tree of life. The law of orders in the world, subatomic particles, producing high energy photons. Mysteries is to why particles were still surviving during this time.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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