The Healing Power of Community

M.C Sweet sits down with Ashleigh Seargant, being more conscious in the bits of our modern life. Community, is something we need to communicate and connect across the globe. 2.5 billion people use social media. How do these expressions help us to heal? Through human connection. She is an activist, owning 5 companies, yoga companies and a super foods cafe. Shapes and forms that yoga takes, is many different aspects around community. It should be many different communities, intersecting, coming together, organic, life giving in community. Modern culture, the concept of tribe, community, finding a resonance, the same hearted, around different interests. This is not something that is new to our modern culture.

Social media, is positive, with this new advancing technology, we see and feel information online. Through cultures, values, and emotions instilling in humanity for the long haul. We feel a certain way, the vibration inside of us, is being felt. We look out, and feel that emotional connection, on what others are feeling as well. Today, we can look out into the 8th chakra, the global web of connection. coming together, is a way to come together, through consciousness, yoga, seeking pursuits. Essential teachings, of buddhism and eastern traditions, is the true reality, that we are one, all connected. Suffering, is at its very deepest level caused by seeing and understanding that we are all connected. That idea that we are separated, comes from fear and pain.

Babies, see unity consciousness, due to the fact that they are not aware. Compassion, dissolves a wall of compassion. That is where the unification has become. I see you, I know where you are, let’s grow together. That connection that is brought, is joy. We gather together, for life that is celebration, or a mourning. A revolution against a belief system that is not working anymore. Coming back to the nature of your presence, eternity, is the here and now. Happiness and joy, feeling these wonderful vibes, is only sustainable while being present. Eternity, is sustainable happiness and sustainable joy in the present and future. Yoga, is really understanding, being heard, cultivating new ideas, sharing their voices. Online communities and in person communities. What kind of presence we bring to that community, is a big part of it.

Community, has the ability to make us stronger, fortify us , make us feel more in line with each other, not feeling alone. When you arrive into the present moment with openness, vulnerability, is the purest and most profound strength; we have. Our muscles are stronger, our brain is functioning at higher levels. Your true strength, is this vulnerability. We become a stronger human species. In and of itself is healing. Developing community over time, as well as being vulnerable; is that you can say one thing, and change the dynamic. As conscious leaders, we can change the way we think, we act, and also change that onto ourselves. Moving through your process, is many infinite ways to be expressed; the healing power of community.

It is essential to heal with others, we need to heal certain things alone. When we step back into the world, is when the healing really happens. As well as the joy, you can put forth, into the world. What we were meant to give to the world, the high vibration in that. That is what evolves us as a community. Creating legacies, we all have this desire to fulfill, what we are here to do in this life. When you leave this body, how do you want to be remembered. It is really such a powerful question to contemplate, to have lived this life to its fullest capacity. Ashley says she really hopes, people will say, people helped and inspired her and onto others. Helped others grow and heal. Her mission was to want to heal and grow, and help others do the same things.

As a community, we empower a legacy, in great beings, with others, where we kind to others. Millions of humans, all over the planet, can see how we do things, in a symbiotic relationship. Working together, not in a stereo-typical way. We can create new innovation, brilliant ideas, in cooperation with one another. Courage, is speaking your truth, consciousness is speaking your truth. Acceptance, is being aware of what you are right now. Work place, family, neighborhood, online and Inclusivity, include people from radically different walks of life. Stepping out of your own comfort zone. Authenticity and Power, radical acceptance. All of it combined.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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