Spirituality and Misconceptions

Dr. Paul Dugliss, Sits down with Ashely Seargant, Living a spiritual life doesn’t have to be at odds with existing in the modern world. Join medical doctor and ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Paul Dugliss as he unpacks the misunderstanding that one must be ascetic and renounced from the world to be spiritual. Instead, the householder path suggests we can use our human challenges, relationships, and emotions as invitations to encounter our own divinity. At the end of the episode, Dr. Dugliss offers a heart-centering practice that you can use at any time of the day. With his unique blend of spiritual counseling, he is the author of many books as well. How do you see these unrealistic spiritual manifestations of spiritualism misconstrued in your practice?

\How to be unattached or blissful. We need to understand there are different paths for different people. People become drawn to non attachment, trying to move towards that, and that may not fit for them; some people are designed to be set away from society. What are the different techniques of the monks path, it is based on loss and letting go. You move from the ashram, losing connection to wealth, losing distractions, giving up family and relationships. Less until there is nothing left, until you finally connect to your true self.

The householder, is cultivating fulfillment, where we are non attached. It is as if walking down the street, having your wallet pickpocketed. If you are a billionaire, you have so many resources, it does not effect you, if you are poor, thats your last meal, it is incredibly stressful. The state of peace, and non attachment, comes from fulfillment. Cultivation, of different aspects of our awareness, our fulfillment. Gratitude, comes again, from this fulfillment. Cultivation of awareness. Within our own awareness we have all of these potentials, the cultivation of consciousness itself. The foundation of our fulfillment, the growth, and our health.

If we are not taking the aseptic path, how is it that the householder path connects us to our emotions and relationships. The relationships to life, we go into resistance, we are supposed to be peaceful, resistance. Resistance is the challenge. More suffering occurs, the way out, is through cultivating consciousness. Relating to life, in a totally different way. If you knew every challenge, every experience in your life, was organized by your soul, for your limiting growth, and you planned it before this life; how would your life change. If you accepted that, would you drop the worry and the resistance, embracing every moment of life.

Radical acceptance, being embracive of life. Cultivating the nervous system, accelerating practices that come in through the heart. Integrating the heart, and the hearts love. Stopping the mind, completely. More enlightened. Your mind is an organ that overcomes thought, and it will never stop doing that. Thinking more, being more embodied with the heart space. A difference between quiet, going into pure consciousness, through absorption, a sound, that carries us to pure consciousness. That is different than stopping the mind.

It allows us to shift our identification over time. There is an important integration that needs to take place with pure consciousness, connected with emotions. One of the quickest ways to come to this realization, is to come to the cultivations of the heart. What most people associate with the heart, and these subtle levels , of intuition, subtle senses, perceiving energy. The pure consciousness that we are. An effortless meditation practice, and something that connects us to the core of the heart. Accepting the challenge. For your growth, and spiritual wellness. Positivity and love, meeting that challenge; that quality of life.

These experiences are cultivating our divinity, needed within us for our growth and development. It is within us and our highest nature, to expand, we need to arise from it, and not just get past it and overcome, rise above it. Relationship to life, emotion and to ourselves. To loving what is, to love and be present. We need the mediation of pure consciousness, we need to practice this. The techniques, to integrate that. Then Paul, does a meditative practice on the hearth, putting your attention towards, the heart.


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