Sacred Geometry of Relationships

Robert J Gilbert, talks on bio-geometry. Ancient Egyptian energy science, to its modern rebirth in Egypt today, bio-geometry, Abraham Karem, is a mentor to Dr Robert J Gilbert. Bio-geometry, is clear and safe. He identified a power, that was not known to french researchers, what was the vibrational power, the center, rather than the outer boundaries. The universal power without polarized specialization. The energy of the center, unites and harmonizes. All diverse creatives, work in harmony. This vibrational field of the center, is the unified field state, the divine plane, the unified source of creation, the one. The fractal nature of the universe creates a microcosm, a 0 dimensional point, the singularity.

This original center, is what is space and time, the big bang. The singularity, is the center in all physical objects. The energy quality of the original unified field energy. Transcendental gateway beyond space and time, a vast inner world. The point in the center of the circle, the symbol for the god head, the free masons, the rosicrucians, gold in alchemy. This pattern is an energy circuit diagram, the area to find the one, the god head in all physical forms. Holding the different specialized patterns, of the 144 sub-bands. Of all the different specialized energies, there discovery of the vibrational spectral bands, Dr Karem, unlocked the natures vibrational system, the center, the unified field, harmonizing and centering the diverse energies.

The keys to the lost ancient vibrational science, through the work of Dr Karem. Detecting, concentrating and applying this harmonizing energy from the center. The one energy quality, the unified source of all that is. Sounds, number sequences, angles and proportions. Profound radiating energy, into the physical world. Dr Karem, was able to direct a radiesthesia pendulum, they use this to see this harmonizing energy, with bio-geometry design methods, transforming earth energy lines, electromagnetic fields. 16 disks, helping manifesting the energy of the center. 12 bands of the vibrational spectrums, harmful to beneficial components. Sub-bands within the 12 band system. 3 qualities within specific sub band locations, 3 or BG3- known as the universal harmonizing energy fo the center. 28 specific sub bands, within the french sub band systems, applied as energy balancing tools.

Gold, golden energy emanation, the golden radiance, resonating when it connects to the center, to the divine. The saint, never falls out of its resonance, into lower planes. This is for the divine plane, or for intense inner experiences in prayer. BG3 is the universal donor, the highest prayer, in blessings. Connecting everything to center, the equilibrium point. Any polarized energy can be overdosed on , too much sedation, too much activation. However, you can not overdose on the BG3. The seven planes model, found in modern esto-terocism. Specific geometric forms act as antennas, geometric forms resonate with all 7 planes and forms of nature, vibrations to and from any plane. They appear microcosmically, the geometric form, connecting us to the astral plane, is the pyramid or hemisphere.

The radiation of the negative green carrier wave. The astral plane inside ourselves. Sub-planes of every plane, the geometric form, connecting us to the 12 sub-planes to the astral plane, the emotional subtle body. The energy science, sacred geometry. Bio-geometry, creating sacred power spots, harmonizing power, concentrating into a particular area, BG3, making major power spots, existing in the Giza plateau, or balancing energy in any location. The human body is a fractal, we have power spots in our body, just as the earth does. We call these chakras. Design methods, the same energy found in natural power spots on earth. The true science, of creating sacred power spots. Natures own design language, shape, sound, language, proportion. All nature uses to create all the genetics in the world. Complimenting the physics and quantity, into a complete energy science.

Dr Karem, established that he would only use this work for good and not for harm. “Observations of the Interactions of Bio-geometrical Shapes.” After he did an experiment in Egypt, the Egyptian scientists believed that he surpassed knowledge in basis science. Studying the effects of the geometric forms, on life functions. One of the incredible methods he has developed is bio-geometry signatures. Energy into shape, creates function. Energy is moved in a precise movement pattern, a programming of life functions. Of how vital energy moves inside the body. When the energy movement becomes suppressed in the body, the associated health function becomes impaired. Dr. Karem, describes these 3 dimensional outlines into 2 dimensional bio-signatures into their energy field, the correct energy field will be coupled with the impaired flow, restoring the correct flow pattern. It also emanates the BG3 energy quality.

He was asked to work with Hepatitis C patients in Egypt, he studied radiation. When a person had this projected into their energy field, or wore it on their body, coupled will restore, the right functioning. When properly drawn, harmonizing the effects of the vibrational bands found within the signature. He did not want to personally meet the Hep C Patients, once they saw the results, they thought he had auto- resulted the patients. So, he radiated these functions in liver, the heart, the immunity, to get the full needed effect. Printed similar to computer chips, for general wellness. They wore these bio-signatures have 97 percent of enzyme levels, just by wearing these computer chips. Complete vial clearance, “Bio-geometry Signatures.” Complete radio-signatures, are in online trainings.


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