The Goddess In Contemporary Culture

Sally Kempton, sits down with Host Ashley Seargant. Practical tips, spiritual ideas of different ideas in eastern and western traditions, are still relevant and helpful tools, even today. Sally Kempton studied for thirty years, in eastern tradition. Studied 20 years as a monk. “Awakening Shakti” is one of her books. The divine feminine, could help as a guiding force in nature, culture and human organisms. Sally has learned that a group of feminine energies come out of the human tradition. The same energies that have been described in different faces, different forms, in different cultures. Carl Jung came up with the understanding of the archetype, expressing the ideas through human individuals. Everyone who has ever done something great, has had some type of guidance to an archetypal energy.

She believes the ability to connect to archetypal energy is important, and helps us to heal through the divine. It is a principle that encompasses, certain qualities in the cosmos. One archetype is Aphrodite, beauty, strength, love. She says a great idea was princess Diana. This is because she was a particular form of divine feminine, when at her best. There are archetypal energies that we as humans can get strength from, this is very empowering. The archetype of a husband and wife, or the king and queen, is a great archetype. Forever, is a long time, however, when you do it right, and with the right person, time flies. Energies of these archetypes are becoming more understood in the modern world. Everyone of us, has a story that guides us. The American story, was that someone came to America, conquered the land, threw out the native Americans, and it is not true, the myth however is the American story, according to Sally.

Religious cultures, always said, you need a story. Theres an ancient story about the goddess, who gives birth to a son, and he grows up to be consort, and he is killed. In order for a new son to be born; that archetype of the goddess, then becomes the Jesus story. Isis and her murdered husband that she brings back to life. These stories, go deep into our psyche, and it is our human connection, to our emotional body and myth does that. We need a narrative to make sense of our lives. Deity figures, myths help us, have a lift on life. The goddess Durga, defeats a whole army, single handed. This shows us there is divine protection, this shows us that evil will eventually be defeated. This shows us that, feminines have strength. Connecting to an archetypal warrior. Every core myth, has an empowerment in it. The Goddess Durga, (Sanskrit: “the Inaccessible”) in Hinduism, a principal form of the Goddess, also known as Devi and Shakti. According to legend, Durga was created for the slaying of the buffalo demon Mahishasura by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the lesser gods, who were otherwise powerless to overcome him.

We have the power to overcome obstacles. Sally believes we need ways to make personal ways transpersonal. You do not have to be worried through stories, that these myths are something external. They are not just stories in mythic times, they also describe the way the universe works. War and Peace, and other books, are archetypal energies, always happening on the collective level. When we understand that, we realize there is no god out there, theres a sacredness inside, outside and everywhere. According to Sally, she says it gives us ways to connect, and it is abstract connection. How do we know and take these things into practical life? How can we connect to these energies as tools? There are several ways to do this. Theres a paradigm that subtle energy exists on several different levels. In aww, in the mountains, in the environment. In meditation, which is internal, peaceful and powerful. Then there are Deity energies, archetypes that are not human, not of the physical world. Some people call them gods, Deitys, angels. If we tune into this energy around us, we realize we are constantly receiving help.

If we can call on them, they will be available to us. Each human being, carries certain archetypal energies, through personalities. If we connect them, to certain emotions, such as injustice, it is not just personal. You are tapping into a field. When we experience beauty, it is because we carry beauty inside of us. If we really get to know ourselves, we as humans with personality qualities; are connecting to these transpersonal energies. We can draw on these energies in our actions and in our relationships. They enhance everything in our lives. Deities, are the form of love. Some are fear, compassion and embracing. They are always trying to empower the good. Tips on working with these goddess archetypal energies. Invoking and calling forth divine feminine. You call on a higher power in a specific form, and ask for help. Close your eyes, ground your self. Taking the support of the seat, inhale, exhale. Imagine that you are sitting in a beautiful mountain road, with over hanging trees and beautiful trees, bushes, surrounding you.

As you sit you become aware that there is a radiant energy moving towards you over the mountains, it comes closer to you. You realize it is a beautiful woman with long dark hair and bright large eyes. As you discern her features, you feel her energy coming towards you as deep compassion and love. You allow yourself to breath in, her energy and exhale it through your body. As you watch this feminine figure, you become aware that from her heart, is flowing a radiant light. As you take in the rays of her light coming through her heart to yours, you feel it opening up your entire body. You realize, that depths of love and compassion, is being breathed into you. You draw it in, and breath it back out. You breath in her light, you breath it back to her. You hear from her , is there anything you want and need in this moment?

This is an invitation for you to speak your desires and wants. You take a moment to respond. Perhaps, some wisdom or insight comes from this moment. Speak or ask a question and let yourself be. You are being asked to breath her into your heart and body. You see this sacred feminine figure, coming into you. Now becoming a part of you, you can return to this contemplation anytime. This practice is really a wonderful way to invoke, the help of the divine forces around you. Opening up yourself, and asking these questions. To help us navigate this world.


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