Your Body Is Talking To You

Ben Stewart and host Ashley Seargant, are talking about how to live a conscious life and poor posture. It could lead to chronic head aches and fatigue. How do we attain and sustain good posture? Ben is a movement specialist. Movement is not just modern, posture has been thought about getting comfortable. A good posture, what it can do for, opening up different parts of the body. Lifting the different cognitive functions that we have. Good posture, is acquainted with healing the spine. Everything is self discovery, no one has the same curvature in the spine. Form, is telling us about the path we have had, our lineage, what our parents have given to us, passed down through DNA. The body is configured in an intricate way.

There is something artistic and telling about the body. Our baggage, our trauma and injuries, show up in different ways through our body. Where is our center of movement and gravity? This concept, brought about in western culture and the field of science, looking outward; getting information from another way, what balance and freedom are; is trauma and suffering through a model, that maybe could not be beneficial. Putting the power back into the individual, and many people are starting to listen. The way our body communicates, is in a fractal way. There is a balancing act that happens. We live in a cultural mindset, the mindset can be rigid around different ideas. If our science and technology, can not prove this, is it true?

If our culture is holding a reductional way of thinking, can we change that? Theres an A synchronicity, in different ways, we have to figure things out in the body. The way a proper gate cycle works, is by working on the body. If you have an improper gate cycle, you have a sphenoid bone, that houses the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, the master gland, the hormonal balance, perceiving yourself, can be affected just by improper posture and walking. This is because everything responds through the brain. Contracting patterns happen. The body is an art form, speaking symbolically. Relationships with the body, in symbolic form, how we are holding things. Posture, informs your conscious state. Some people, do not even realize, how to sit correctly. Things, going on in our body, are from the time we are born and build obviously as we grow, with bone structure. How do we start to work with these body parts?

And how can it change your state? Trauma, and injuries happen. If we were always in a state of equanimity, we would never learn. We have to find our way back to balance, through all of these in-balanced. Ben, is an artist. He uses color, as an artist, he says the body is already speaking to you. You do not need external balance, you are the best expert on your own body. Good posture, is an optimal state, good balance, less stress. Things that are typified by our culture cause less stress, we are cultivating a desire to surmount. Once you overcome something, you need to move on from that point. Not hanging on to these old patterns. Emotional traumas, are always in your body. Even as a young child, how does it change your state. Moving the body, and giving it risk, is how you enter the flow state. 4 percent, is through movement of getting into the flow state.

The quantum realm, shows you that the body wants to learn, through being thrown off balance and coming back into balance. Start where you are, forgiving yourself of the past, moving back into the trajectory of what you feel is balance and flow. The body is our guide, whispering to us in symbolic form. Us, consciously changing our posture, or how we move intelligently and gracefully; is how we find the riddle or enigma, the secrets. All relationships, nature in general, your family, your friends, your partner, listening to the these relationships, help posture. Moving through calming the mind, relieving stress and pain. Moving in more conscious ways, calms the mind, works the mind, in conscious directions. Ben shows you how to check in with your posture. Remember how you are feeling, what you are giving back out.

If you are sitting, come up a little bit, adopt a relaxed or slouching position, listening to the body, by putting your hands on your legs. Start listening to the breath, now start listening to your back, where all the work from your posture is being done. Now link this to something emotional, a lack of self confidence, a relationship, does this come up and feel housed or located in any specific place. The more you breathe and check in with your body, see where it goes. If you have received a message, this is where the creativity comes in.

Can you put the message into words, now sit up straight. As you are sitting straight, roll each shoulder back, one at a time, now lift your chin a little bit. How does your spine feel, do you feel as if you have more expansiveness. Now check back in with that emotional component, see how that feeling, is fitting with this new posture. It may not make perfect sense right now, do this daily when you feel stressed. When you are on the phone, sitting on the computer, check in with your posture.

See if there is a link between your posture and your emotional state, keep breathing, keep listening. Once you receive the message, acknowledge it and thank it for exactly what it is. We have been fighting against these messages coming from the body, we just need to surrender. Fall in love with that exhale, sending you into a parasympathetic nervous system exhale responder. Most of the time, our abdomen is not engaged. That channel is not sending that information properly. All of the information from the abdomen is sent to the cranial system. If not completely right, your brain may not receive all the information, it is needed to process.

Two little adjusts, bringing the chest up and bringing it down. Breathe in one more time, and let it go again. The symbolic language of the body, it is the same thing with movement. You need to check in with you, how it is making you feel, if it is causing anxiety or relieving it. Be present, with your lovers, friends and family. Strengthening relationships, showing up, it is the same thing with you body. Less of a physical manipulation and more of listening act, subtle things the body is telling you. Becoming more aware of the bodies and everything that we do.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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