Two Success Factors For Life

Dean Graziosi, says take uncomfortable actions, even when we do not have proof. Who we want to become when no one is watching. Identifying, the inner villain. It is time to go to the next level. Your story may have gotten you where you are, and we are taking you to where you want to be. Anchoring in your true emotions, on why you really want this. Happiness, joy, abundance, passion, love and more. Now it is time to acknowledge and awaken, the inner hero that lives inside of us. All of the time you go to do something that you are excited about, you have two voices inside of your head. One says go do it, the other says no do not.

Dean says, that sometimes things come into your head, as if you cant get it out. The inner villain, the inner hero, who we feed, is who will be in charge. Unleashing your inner hero, he says; still in his life, there will be those two voices. He has to go through these processes, everyday. We have to question, if we can move forward and question ourselves, everyday. Everyday, we must unleash the inner hero. If you are not where you want to be, it is not because you are not intelligent, lazy, or do not have the money, because resources are always available to you. You do not want to sit on your hands and wait to see how it goes. A hero, is a person who is admired or idealized for courage or for noble qualities. Inner, is internal, mental or spiritual.

Your inner hero, is the best version of you. When you are thinking about doing something, that you need the courage to do, bring out your inner hero. The villain will always fight to be in charge. Especially if this is a shift for you. The focus that you have, playing scared, waiting for someone else to fix these problems. You are coming back stronger, if you bring out your inner hero. He wants to go really deep into becoming the achiever, the successor on what you want out of life. Your state of mind, and your confidence level. Have you ever had a bad relationship, or a bad job, but you do not want to deal with it? Therefore, you must have a frame work. To change these things. If your confidence is at 95 percent, he says you are hesitating.

You have missed opportunities. What if one of the things you knew, is that you could put a name to that person, who tells you back. It is not that you are lazy, or not supported. He says the greatest gift, he would love for you to have; is to be the thermostat, not being adjusted by others. Thinking of yourself, and doing these things that only you can touch. When we do that, we build that state of mind and confidence. He speaks about his friend, Richard Rossi, where he helped highly achieving high school students, where he would fly them into D.C, to visit the capital building, and go to another level, it was a company for successful achievers. Seeing the highest performing, high school students, nominated by their teachers. It was a two week immersive training. Dean asks, what was the reason they were nominated?

Every kid that became nominated, was this level of confidence. He said he wanted to do everything in his power, to invoke confidence in others, this way. Confidence, is saying yes to the thing. You choose you, you choose your next level. When you have confidence. You can be robbed of confidence, and theres a slippery slope. You are excited about building a business, you are doing something, you feel amazing, excited about what could be. Then, you are subconscious, is in charge, and you sometimes feel focused on what could go wrong. Well, what about things as, you snowball down the hill, on what could go wrong. Then you are subconscious, goes into overdrive, you have tried these things before.

Well, you need to let all of that go! Dean said, he had a Mercedes, then he bought a Tesla, and now he is becoming simpler. Now he drives a white ford pick up truck. He has become, much more in-tune with himself. He sold everything, and realized, that even when he did all of this, he realized everyone else had a white ford pick up truck. So he said, maybe people think, he copied them. Then your confidence goes from 98 percent, dropping to 90 and you hesitate, stop and back up, missing out; staying status quo. You go back to who you were, you stay there. He says you can go down this path a million times, and then, you need to fix the end result problem by figuring out the root cause. Solving the problems. Once you know the root cause, you identify where it comes from, and then you change the process and flow of everything.

Looking through a different lens, and putting the hero in charge. When someone has success, they keep having success. How do these things keep happening to someone. Confidence, builds on top of confidence. You are thinking they are getting lucky, and they are not hesitating and you are. You’re subconscious, is now looking for what could go right. You do not look backwards, you look towards the present, you are never thinking about the past, you are here, this is the new me, the focused me, the hero in charge. You start to create your compelling future. You look for people who are crushing it and dominating it. You are looking for the people who are proof of what works. In any aspect. You are learning from people who have already been there. Energy chargers, not energy drainers.

Then all of a sudden, your confidence goes up, you’re courageous, you have momentum, you take the leap of faith, you take uncomfortable action. You jump off the plane, you have wings, you grow , you learn, you navigate new territory, and bring this abundance into your life. This is how we go to the next level. Really anchoring it in, believing that a memory will anchor this in. Awakening and unleashing the inner hero. The training and thought process, with a simple approach. Now, as you know Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins created something called Mastermind. This is to help you achieve and grow to your highest potential. The simple things, are the big things, in the world. Everything is the same, equal playing fields, in competition. Dean, looks for the things that fuel his confidence, fueling his inner hero, and what he realized what he was doing was not working. So he identified, what he was doing wrong, and he began to do the opposite, and learned from that. Utilized this, and has become one of the most successful people in the world.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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