Self Worth and Unbreakable Confidence

Trent Shelton, speaks on self worth and confidence. He says this is not the time to throw in the towel, this is about you knowing you are worth it, and; being confident in who you are. We learned what worth is, how to live your worth. Knowing what you are worth and what it is completely about. This is to help you accept yourself, and become who you are. The more confident you are in yourself, the more beautiful your life will be, unstoppable. 4 things that prevent us from being confident. 1) Fear, shaping your reality. There is two completely different perspectives from seeing the world through confidence and fear.

2) Mistakes, when we walk through life on egg shells, afraid to make mistakes, living inside a box, not containing growth or progression. You cant be confident, when you care too much about perfection. Detaching, the emotions from the outcome. Knowing you can always turn your growth into lessons, it is a journey. Focusing on the trajectory, instead of the immediate outcome. You do not let one moment, define the outcome. Do not live with regret. A lot of people live in the former. 3) Opinions, do not, not value others opinions. However, be so confident in your truth, that you are not the negative feedback, do not let that hold your life back.

If you value peoples opinions too much, you will never realize your truth. Rejection, is redirection, towards your blessings. When you know everything is working, for the goodness of your life, you will be feeling better. 4) Things you can not control. You redirect your energy, to what is in control. Uncertainty is a pillar of confidence. The way you become confident, is by finding confidence, that you have overcome before, to overcome them now. How can you maximize your confidence when life, becomes unmanageable for you. When can you look back into your past, and feel as if you have overcame certain things in your past; overcoming them into your future. Pulling from the box of repetition.

When obstacles and struggles happen, you can handle that. You have been there before, so you can do it again. To help you know you are worth it, use your life to motivate yourself. You will find a purpose for every chapter in your story. Your losses have a purpose, it brings your soul, from pain into power. You past pain, past losses, mistakes, can be the future strengths for someone else. You can become transparent, it will lead to your transformation. When you know you are worth it, share your story. Your story, is valuable, use your life thinking about why you are valuable. Do not go through this life, not experiencing the power of you.

God will allow us to take the journey, just for us to be the guide for other people on their paths and their journeys. What is going to be the hope, that your life is going to display. Your life is bigger than you, your life is here to impact others. Missions, are all going to be different. Uniquely designed and custom made for you. Clarity and calling, education for your life is your greatest teacher. The elevation of your life is something, that can not be denied. You become everything that this existence of your story, has not been found yet. You envision to something you become, when you use your life; this will expose your worth even more. Building your confidence, to expose the value of your life.

Purpose, is who you are, you do not search for it. It is what makes you, you. Purpose, is showing you that other people need you. His mother told him once ” Trent, if you never tell your story, you will never impact those lives.” There are people waiting on you, to know you’re worth, that you can reach, that others might not be able to reach. Knowing your worth, is taking care of your mental health, learning how to protect your energy, and your inner peace. In order to strengthen your self, and you’re worth. Facts, over feelings. We have feelings, that control our lives, well if you have this problem; you will have a life that is up and down. When your emotions are controlling you, respect what you feel and remember what is real.

Sometimes the feelings and the facts align, however; sometimes when your life is taking a turn on your emotions, its hard for you to make sight of your feelings. You are enough, when you feel you are not enough; you write down why these facts are true, that you are enough. Attaching a powerful act, to show you are enough, proves that theory wrong, through writing and action. Debunking the theory that you are not enough. You must come up with these fire escapes, write down positive facts how to serve your life. Focus on your struggles, forcing you to feel that you are not enough, in order to escape those feelings. Then write down the actions, to remove those negative feelings. It will then become second nature to you. When you feel you are not valuable enough. He says facts over feelings has changed his life.

To control him, not becoming depressed. It shows you, and reminds you who you are. You’re emotional and mental well being depends on these facts. Why are you enough, incredible, positive reinforcements, to remove these negative aspects. Everything you need to know, is not enough, this is your life, you need to take this into your own hands. Application, creates transformation. You are going to make a change, it will not be overnight, however; protecting your worth, is checking in on yourself. Are you doing the right things? Facts over feelings in place. Knowing what worth is, accepting yourself. Have you accepted yourself.

Are you speaking confidence? Or are you really confident? You go back to these formulas, and these strategies. With your permission, anything in your life is possible. The only impossibility, is the one you create. When you own your greatness, it is a major turning point. Your greatness, will impact lives. Go for it, this is a journey that we will be on for the rest of our lives. When we are more confident, there is nothing holding us back, walk into your greatness. He says, he appreciates you, you are great, and you are incredible. Know you’re worth, it always starts with you. #REHABTIME, that is Trent Sheltons, motto.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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