Rise of The Feminine In Modern Society

Sally Kempton, talks with Ashley Sargeant, the rise of the female power, seems to be awakening. The en-balance of masculine energy, is being questioned. What would a matriarchal society look like. The future is female, placing the global message of woman to the stage, in modern society. Sally, has worked with esquire and more. Theres a lot of controversy, around masculine and feminine, it is not about male and female bodies. It is what we call masculine qualities, is their anatomy. They thrust forward into action. Woman’s sexual anatomy, is a whole, receptive, whole , passive. Masculine has been associated with strength, domination.

Where as women are more passive. The assertive quality is not defined in male bodies. It goes further beyond the physical body and anatomy, it is what we call assertion, anatomy, leadership, the ruler of the family or state, traditional patriarchy, is the males figure. The women is identified with the earth, the body. Masculine is identified with intelligence, knowledge. Woman and men, can go into combat, and we are starting to realize these traditional qualities are not anchored to gender. The qualities we need to bring into balance, is the sense of self awareness, the ability to abstract from the physical world and be open, receptive, nourishment, where action can happen; heart based compassion. Feminine and Masculine qualities.

Men, can bring forth vulnerability. Woman can bring forth assertiveness, thats not overly aggressive. Most of the time, Ashley says she has been more masculine energy, powering forward. She thought this was a problem, not wanting to express this, and become more feminine. Although, we need to connect within the paradigm of one or the other. All of these qualities exist within each of us. It is not a balancing of these, it is presenting both at the same time. Educated contemporary woman, the way they and we knew how to do this, was the way men had done it. Woman are learning how to be powerful, and efficient, and receptive and embodied, staying in our heart and interior. Men, did not figure all of this out.

This is how it got brought about in the first place. When the feminist movement came about, woman became assertive, and somewhat masculine, in certain qualities, maybe in business, or assertive in their feelings and strength in relationships, to lead. What do we do to free these qualities? It is a life worth. To be appropriately aggressive. To forge ahead, and when it is important to hold back and allow. This brings up, the idea that theres an imbalance, theres a rise of the feminine energy, in such an aggressive and patriarchal way. We do not want a matriarchal system, or a patriarchal system, we need a balance of the two. To a certain extent we grow up and rebel against matriarchy, what was it, to be a child, when we forced with things we did not want to do. Both ideas, are scary.

We are comfortable we patriarchy, so many people are not comfortable with female authority. Theres a political aspect, woman need equal pay, and be in work places without being sexualized; gender politics. We are not going to figure out the pawn game, it is the improper use of power. How we call that out, in others and to ourselves. Scott Pack, wrote a book called “People of the Why.” Using your power to avoid, spiritual growth. Evil, is when you do something unkind, or pushing someone else around. This is when you realize, this person , doing the pushing, bullying, is self inflicted, and has a low self esteem, not enough confidence, and that is sad. Woman are socialized to become and have approval, to be protected, alluring and attractive. Men are socialized to be winners and successful, as well as women now.

We become mixed up about when they need to yield, or when to push for more power. A life of a man in the society, is tough as well. How are you going to live your lives, when these fundamental beliefs, are being structured. What are specific things, we can do to change these cultural definitions, integrating both systems? Into not just our daily life, but also into society as a whole. Being able to talk about difficult issues, where no one is being judged for their political perspectives. Where they can be open about where they are, where they are confused. It feels too Sally, that we need to be honest with ourselves and vulnerability. We are acting as if we know we have it together, even when we do not have it all together.

We need ways to hold one another, in safe spaces. Discussing the who am I , as a human being. How is my interior capacity, being assertive, without being overly aggressive. How can I as a woman be clear, without being concrete, and rude. There needs to be rage, hurt, fear, that need to be talked about. The future is feminine, is saying that the capacity, needs compassion for women and men. Both genders, this is what allows paradigms to emerge. Really understanding, the presence of one another, connecting to the presence of us and others. We need to pay attention, meditate, put out gratitude, pray, feel into our whole body, accept that we can bring ourselves out from the inside out. The techniques and ability to hold space, is going on with men as well. The right to process, and the need to do as well.

All of the energies of everyone. Warren Farrell- a gender theorist, says woman have choices. Middle class woman have more choices than men, to take time, and work on ourselves. If we could allow men to be more in that way, woman could be more like men in other ways, and we would all be just human, going wherever we need to go. Harmonizing these energies within the world around us. Meditation practices of turning within, is using the breath, discover the inner source of the breath, what you will notice, the diaphragm, is rising and falling with the breath. You tune into the diaphragm, following the breath, discerning where it rises, filling our lungs, and coming back. It will overtime, change your whole relationship with others, through interior connection. That is when we figure out what human equality, truly is. You are alive, aware, energized, breathing, that is where the balance is.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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