Processing Emotions

Kevin Courtney, and Ashley Seargant, speak on processing emotions. Being more conscious, in the bits of modern life. We are usually not talk how to cultivate energy, mana, is energy. These unprocessed experiences, can be irrational fear, deep sadness and anxiety. Kevin Courtney has worked for 20 years, featuring in Vogue, Well and Good, as well as Vice. Some of things we are conditioned to in western society or modern society, causing the suffering and the challenges; using yoga, it can help you overcome these problems. Your mind, will eventually fall into place with the body as a vessel for the whole human experience. We are coming to see through the practice of yoga, that thoughts and feelings; the central nature of consciousness itself. We are governed to be external, the philosophy of yoga, turns inward. Reorienting our awareness to understand ourselves.

These all have pretty serious implications, in these thought patterns and experiences, triggering feelings, emotions that manifest energies in the body. How do you see that, the struggles people are having with that today? People coming to terms with how they feel, accepting it, and being okay with this. Expressing their emotions, becoming aware of what is present , having a sense of self and love and compassion. Yoga classes, could be the fact that if they are not doing it right, they get frustrated. Off of the yoga mat, how we act, in our everyday world. Coming to terms to what is present. The tradition would say, that comes through from awareness. Transformation immediately occurs, instead of trying to push something away. When you get shameful, because you do not think it is okay to feel something.

You need to address it, come in to contact with what is there. You acquire skillful meanings, to what is fully there, the sublime stillness or happiness. Being present , to what is present in the moment. If we do not come to terms with anger, fear, anxiety, if we compress it, it deeply loads our unconscious mind, and we are full of deeply restrained feelings. Yoga or Qigong, those feels begin to move, we gain space, and acquiring a better perspective on what is going on in the present moment. Instead of having a false reality. If we have certain feelings such as anger, fear or guilt, holding them in, that can turn to, no one ever listens to me, no one knows what Im going through. People kill themselves holding onto emotional baggage. Resolving and coming to a place that brings you, what is asking us to do.

On a physical level we are modifying the energy in our solar plexus. Twists, back bends, creating movement, release. What Kevin loves, is that there is energetic intelligence, as well as vital energy. This vitality, this energy has its own intelligence. Awakening this power, in the person, releasing the unexpressed emotion, having a cathartic experience. Things are meant to get messy, before you intensify, feeling and dismantling the psyche. Healing, awareness and a greater capacity to see or know ourselves. We are poised and the condition has been created for us to succeed, in a much more skillful concise way. Anger might come up for no apparent reason, you could cry, any emotion that arises. It will happen, meditation will release these emotions, calming the body, moving the vital life force, through movement and breath. Eastern traditions, heal trauma, pain and emotion. Energy or an emotion, we do not need to know where it is coming from, to release, you can move it, things change, presence and receptivity happens.

It is to be celebrated, when the emotional content moves, it means you are getting somewhere. How then do you create a structure where you feel safe. A core axiom, is where your mind goes, your energy follows. Vital intelligence, is unconscious, the practices are completely focused, turning the intention in, creating this alchemy, where the energy starts to follow the mind. Emotional pain, can be penetrated, so we can in safe and healthy ways, explore transformation and healing. Running, dancing, yoga, martial arts, to get energy going, freed up, and then having the intelligence, presence, focus and then direct it. Masters in where our energy is. If you place your awareness into your solar plexus, you are tapped into the idea, that is this moment, being one hundred percent present. No matter what energy we are feeling, there are practices we are doing, for all of them. It can be specific or just finite.

Basic practices, will harmonize, the total equation. Whether your energy is blocked, or all over the place. Neutralizing, dispersing, harmonizing, illuminating all energy simultaneously. Qigong, tradition, this shaking practice, you take your shoes off, its a standing practice. Release and awaken, restoring the vitality of our energy. Shaking our bodies out for a few minutes, tapping the body, shaking around, if you feel self conscious, no one cares, feel what it is to awaken that/your energy body. You are surrounding to gravity, pulsing your heels into the ground, deepen your breath. Feel the crown of your head ascend up to your head. Let sound move through the body, breath in and make noises, while breathing out, clearing the energy. Tapping the foot down, and whatever rhythm. Now shake out your hands, wrists, shake out your shoulders, deep breaths in and out. Adding a pulsing into the hips, and pulsing.

Channeling the gluteus muscles and thigh muscles as you rub your hands. Sit deeper into a squat position, and straighten out the legs, pulse again. Flutter out your lips, releasing tension in the jaw. Stretch out the tongue the mouth. Shake the whole body, tapping the chest, soft tap with your hands on the center from your chest. One small tap, two light taps, almost as if a heart beat. Shake the body, from the naval center, shaking the body out. Relax the arms, hopping up. Take a deep breath in and exhale, release. Now become totally still, close the eyes, bring the breath in, inhale through the nose into the heart, exhale soften the breath. Breath in and breath out, notice any tingling or pulsing in your body. That was the practice! You feel grounded and awakened.


Laura Zukerman

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