Belief Systems, How to Change Them

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Tony Robbins, there is always a thought, that you can consistently feel. If you think a thought over and over again, it will become a belief. Fear, pushing through it, becomes so much more powerful. Fear can stop you in the moment, the anxiety and the tension. He asks, do you have beliefs, that you have not felt comfortable in? These beliefs have these feelings. There are certain thoughts we can consistently feel, and need to overcome them. If you sit passively as you overcome something, if you do not engage your body or your voice, you must be in a different state than in a passive state. Using your voice, is through emotion. As you produce more energy and motion, energy in motion, understanding what beliefs are.

They can create, or they can destroy. You must have to find a sense of certainty, and you will find the answers. Whether you say you can or say you cant, you’re right. With enough consistency, you become. Following through, is through patterns of thought. What is a belief? A belief is something we think is true, a sense of certainty, he says, jot this down in your notes, and not just listen passively, this is in one of his talks to thousands of people. If he asked you where were you on 9/11. Can you remember this? He is asking you to remember this because, information without a motion is barely retained. Information with a motion, is retained completely. Limiting beliefs vs positive beliefs, you build your beliefs.

It is not what people tell you, it is what you believe of yourself. A belief is somewhat as of a table top. There are three types. There are opinions, a belief, a conviction. An idea, could be that the world, is flat. Well, how would we know this to be true? Well, you would need to configure the information, given to you and present the data. The only thing stopping you is limiting beliefs, and replace them. Feeling of absolute certainty, is your belief. Where as a conviction, is something that you are not sure about, it is someone else’s opinions of you. He brings on Casey Hill, and asks her, if she feels sexy. She explains, that she does feel sexy, she feels her heart is sexy, her husband tells her that she is sexy, and she is a business woman, feeling empowered, and she feels sexy being empowered and strong.

Now, she feels certain, as long as she has genuineness, to support it. If you have doubt, a limiting belief, how do you get rid of something you can not stop thinking about. You sweep it out from underneath you, you use this momentum, to speak to yourself, in confidence, and say, I am amazing, I am worth it, I am sexy! You start to tell yourself incredible things about yourself, on a daily basis. The only way you keep a belief, is not to question it, the more you question it, the more you produce doubt. The higher truths, are you are capable of anything. Serving, ideas and insights will come to you, you can not put it into alternative perspectives. It is not as difficult as you might think. You are enough, to conquer anything you want in this world, if you believe in yourself. Putting something new in to your agenda and your mind, in order to take action. If you notice, our life is not controlled by the people around us, it is controlled by our own beliefs, our self.

We develop, the beliefs within ourself. You can be stoic, and polite, and think you are something, however, not want to show it. Is it possible that being sexy, is a sense of god coming through you, a sense of love for others. Tony asks Paula, a woman on his mastermind talk. She responds saying perhaps with the right person. It is always the psychology and the skills of the leader, 80 percent of the psychology and 20 percent of the leader. Sometimes we have conflicting beliefs. Hesitating, and conflicting on something, can be something that can be limiting, on going to the next level. Paula says, she is trying to create a company, and she is having a difficult time doing it, she is going through a divorce. She has confidence, however, that she will succeed. Tony, tells her that the human mind, is 2 million years old. That survival brain, has one primary objective, that is always looking for the worst fears.

However, it used to be fight or flight, freeze responses. Our brain protects our ego, think of ego as fear, because you might have reasons, that you cant do something, afraid you are not enough. Not strong enough, not old enough, not smart enough, not enough money. Well, you need to realize, that you need to feel as if you are enough. You need to realize, that you are loved. When you are conditioned, it is a reason as a species that we have and need growth. When you become ignored, you produce fear, and you need to feel as if you are enough. It is a game, you play with yourself. By being vulnerable, we begin to see the truth, we accumulate all of these reasons why, identifying a core belief, to find the way. If you are making it too hard for yourself, make it much easier for yourself. You are worthy or this love and this acceptance as well as to become so empowered that you can achieve such greatness.

Byron Cady, has something called the work. She has four questions, she uses this as therapy. If the whole idea is a belief is nothing but a feeling about something. Can you change that belief system, or that change. You will get what you looked for, even if you have not thought that you did. If you think there is something wrong with you, or another person, you will find it. If you think there is something right, you will find it as well. Patterns of thinking and thought, emotions, are to change these beliefs. Is this true? Could it be misinterpretation, or conflicting ideas on this part. If it is true, your brain will think it is true. If you change these limiting beliefs, you can say to yourself ” It is possible, that I can do this.” The only way we change anything, is if there is leverage, or consequences. If you fall head over heels in love with someone, and then boom, one day it ends abruptly. What does your brain say, relationships are painful, or men or women are not what you thought they were.

The wall, that protects us. You are building multiple walls around you. It is not effective, it is not empowering; theres a deeper truth, beyond those limitations. Your fear of failure, your beliefs you use to imprison you, are for fighting to the deeper truths, not just the surface truths. Breaking the pattern, by letting go through this doubt, and letting go along with the leverage. If you tell someone else, what to believe, they might doubt it. If you, tell yourself how you feel about yourself, that is when you are your own your truth. Misinterpretations, and good intent, are two different things. If you keep telling yourself, that you are not something, it is a misperception. All you need to do now, is receive leverage. How do you feel, when you tell yourself you are not feeling good, or feeling sexy about yourself? He asks Paula, How does it make you feel, if you have these instincts about not feeling good? If it is true, do you have all the information, that is could be a misinterpretation, or misperception.

Paula, says if she feels not sexy, it is a good way to protect herself. However, the Tony responds, what is the price of this wall, that you are holding yourself back from. She responds as says, that it is because she does not want to think about being in another relationship, after her divorce. If you missed out, on that in this lifetime, what would the price be of that for your life, Tony says. She responds and says , that would be huge. She did not want to change this, now she is seeing the consequential ideations, that are not good for you, to not be growing through this vulnerability. Then he asks a third question. What if you never had the thought, or any thought at all about yourself, about being sexy.

How would you feel? What would you feel? What would you experience? She says, in some ways, when you work so hard, the feeling is gone. She makes things hard, to push through to know that she is worthy enough to be who she is, as a business woman, as a woman in general. She thinks that a cliche, is men overpowering woman, through looks. However, it is not about fear, or men thinking they are better than women, it is about you. Loving yourself, and feeling the greatness for yourself; understanding that you are worth it. Tony asked her, what was respectable of you to gain your fathers love. She says, to be successful, to be a great business woman, be a pillar of the community.

Well, what Tony, is trying to get at, is that perfection is flawed. That no one is perfect. The lowest standard in life, Tony says is perfection. That you care so much and are working so hard. There is a benefit, by going deeper and not just figuring out what is on the surface. When you are running a blue print of life, that you have not created for yourself, you must change these ideas, to the best intent, of what you want for yourself. A belief that you think controls you, is not what you think it is, unless you think positive objective thoughts. Questioning these thoughts can be freeing. Hypnotizing yourself, to change your technique, and the three questions and the turn around. 1) Opening, 2) Leverage 3) Change the experience, then beliefs. As well as then, turning it all around.


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