Trent Shelton, on Knowing Your Worth

Trent Shelton, speaks on acceptance as being imperfections and perfections. As also being at your best and your worst. It is power. When you accept yourself, you free yourself from your past from opinions, or failures. Your life is no longer controlled by limitations, it is being guided by inspirations. You are no longer controlled by these problems. Tina Lifford said “When you know yourself, you become empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible.” Acceptance of self, is the foundation for your greatness. It influences 3 things. 1) Freedom, freely being yourself. Being a prisoner of your past is to be becoming empowered. You are your worst you, to becoming your best you, a life without limitations, is a life with elevations. 2) Focus, is when you do not doubt yourself. What you focus on, is what you will feel.

Focus on your progressions, you will live a progressive life. 3) Faith, a fulfilled life is in faiths hands. Believing in yourself, that there is more to your life, you will end up to become more in life. Faith is everything for us to live at our highest capability. Trent realizes, that things become more clear when not blinded by insecurities. Confidence in self, he says to write down this definition. A feeling of self assurance, a rising. Confidence, is knowing you are enough. You will stop accepting that you are not enough. True confidence, is a reflection of you knowing you are worth it. An attractive quality, that one can have.

It is to get you to believe how great you are. Timing for you to set the tone for your life. Confidence reduces, fear. Fear will keep you from growth, freedom and success. What would your life look like, if you had no fear? Accomplishment is 80 percent belief, 20 percent figuring it out. Confidence leading you, to self doubt. The second thing, self doubt is what confidence reduces. Lastly, confidence reduces worry. You do not worry about breaking down, you know you have what it takes, knowing you are enough; will have you be worrying less. You need to understand, how blessed you are, that you are you. The chances of being who you are, if you are looking for a hero and a miracle, you are that miracle, that purpose. God wanted you to be here, being in the eyes of being you, was not an accident.

We value materialized things, however, we need to value ourselves. God had a plan for you, before anyone had an opinion about you. Even though Gods plan is not always what you want in some aspects, it will always be what it is supposed to be. As above so below. You are a special person, god created you to have you live beautifully, not broken. Stop searching for your worth in this world, when god is already giving you worth. You are valuable because that is how you were created to be, created with value and worth. Seeing yourself as less, is not the way you need to think. See yourself as more, the one who has an ever lasting love for yourself. It is not all about searching and rediscovering. You are purpose, how you use your life, is up to you. We were created to love and serve.

We are creations of love. It feels incredible when we give love and spread love. We had allowed certain circumstances to turn our love into hate. The goal is to understand you are living purpose. Everything you need, you might already have, you have the utilities, to create yourself. Every soul is fearfully and wonderfully made. Always remember how someone treats you, is not a reflection of their word but of their heart. You were created with worth and purpose, and do not let anyone destroy you. You are valuable because of how you were created to be. Digest this, and realize that worth is, what you have already.

The number one problem when people do not understand worth, is when they are controlled by what surrounds their life. When you are depending on something, to control you, instead of being happy from the inside out. When another identity of something valuable to you, loses your life, it could be a relationship, a job, a bank account, how we do in school, it could be everything outside of us. As long as you are being dependent on this world to define you, you will not be fulfilled. You do not need anyone to control your values, your mindset, your abilities. Detach you are values from these things, you are valuable because god gave you life. Connection is power, self esteem is power.

Your soul and you are being, can not be attached to everything outside of your being. Become, who you want to be, do not let your environment change you. There is a major difference between status and worth. You are already special, a wonderful something. Status will not cure your insecurities, worth is what you were born with, what god gave you. Worth, is what you have. What you have and do not have, should not be defined by who you are. Freedom, is something that you will frequently experience. Jim Carrey says “I hope everybody can get rich and famous, and have everything that every dreamed of, so they will know thats not the answer.” You are not fulfilled because you are not seeing whats truly there. Chasing after something that does not matter. Trent, says that his status, hid his insecurities from the world, however he was not feeling that his worth was determined. Financial status does not determine, you are worth, your relationship status, does not determine your worth. Who you are is not determined by what you have. Inner peace, is determined by any inner success. There is nothing wrong with achieving more, taking your life to higher levels. Remember on that journey you are worth it, not because you achieve it, but because, of who you are. When you appreciate everything you have, you will appreciate yourself so much!

I would love Trent to be on Gaia! ❤


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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