Consciousness of Sound

Right now we are in the process of thinking, this very process effects our reality. One of the fundamental traditions, is what we think and feel influences the world around us. Henry ford said, whether you think you can, or cant, you are right. Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions have physical representation around us. What is happening in our environment. What we can effect and manifest out of the quantum field into our reality. Every thought we create, leaves our head, with a wave of light, thoughts. When you think about something that information goes out internally into a wave. All possibilites exist as potentials in the field. Each of us has the ability to create. Expanding consciousness is the state of being awake.

However, in the age of quantum physics, the relationship exists completely within us. Masuru Emoto, studied how thoughts expect our emotions. With rice and water, he said thankful words to the first beaker, the second one he spoke hateful words, the third, he ignored. The first gave off a pleasant scent, after the 30 days. The second beaker turned black, the one ignored, was completely rotten. The worst rice sample was the one ignored. If you ignore children, it is terrible, communication is very important. Communication, thoughts and frequency have a frequency. It is all about the words, vibration and meaning we assign to those words.

The true power of language in our lives. Our thoughts can create static, interference. We have subconscious thought that creates unnecessary waves upon the field. A power of a thought can influence the entire neural network, our ability within the neural networks, to connect the world around us. When we observe the human brain, we think of it as the seat of consciousness, it is not 100 percent accurate. It is the antenna, tapping into a field of information. As if , the radio set does not have a band in it, all of the activities you are hearing, it is just tapping into electromagnetic waves being received by the antenna of the radio. The universe emits a huge spectrum of frequencies, that can in tune affect our lives. In amplifying our thoughts we are having a consciousness of everyone we come into contact with.

When we use music, it tremendously increases our mental abilities. It is to transform to higher states of consciousness. Music effects us dramatically, programmed by our music. Imagine if we could apply this by navigating at a higher frequency or vibration. Music in general, listening or playing can light up the whole brain on an EEG scan. Making everything harmonize, as we can use the more of our total brain capacity simultaneously. The rhythms of sound and music have a brain psyche, bringing the body into a state of resonance. The heart beat slows down. Entrainment is all around us at all times. As when you have a room full of pendulum clocks, eventually all will work in rhythmic sounds. The oldest instrument in the world, was to bring the group to a common frequency, it is one note. It can bring you to a common vibrational field, that all of those present can enter into together. The didigeridoo, is the instrument that is the oldest of our time. The impacts can be felt, spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically. Psycho-acousitcs, affects our heart rate, our brainwaves, any time we are in conversation using our ears. Vibro-acoustics, is when it goes into our body on a cellular level, into the molecules and the DNA, important of sound and resonance. Water helps us visualize these impacts. Masuru Emoto, would do something with water, where the water would take on different shapes and sounds. The picture of water, that looked terrible. Then he had a buddhist priest, chant over it, it then looked like a snow flake. Water molecules have memory.

We can reshape water and the structure of water. How much of our planet is made of water. Can we use intentional sound to change molecular structure of water on our cells and on our planet. In Hindu cultures and ancient Indian cultures, they talk about speaking positively, creates positive karma. When you create negative talk, it is negative karma. Learn how to speak positively to others, so the universe will return back to you positively. Each practice is a different brain wave frequency. You might not be enlightened the way a meditator has for many years, however, it is the 21st century, meditation. Bringing more expanded life time. Consciousness has been beginning since ancient times.

Since the beginning, the shamans, they are all designed to change brain waves, effecting that portion of the brain, resonating it, altering consciousness. We are entering new state of the art tools, brain mapping , EEG scanning. The pineal gland, is the seed of the soul, it is the gland in the center of the brain, the third eye. In 2002, they found that there are 2 types of crystals in the pineal gland, stimulated by sound. They release a positive charge. Meditators, or people who see a flash from blue light, have seen the pineal gland in a positive charge. This is because sound waves are converted by the pineal gland into blue light. In christian art, you see a blue halo around figures, they have activated their pineal gland, through sound.

We are listening and letting our body, come into coherence. We are safe, vibrating. Not judging , inside the sound. All of these ripples are moving through the inner ocean inside of you. The pineal gland, is a movement through sound. We can with send in octaves, to different states, different perceptions of reality. When we arrive at a fork in the road, you have to make a decision. You have two roads to pick. Others take the road less traveled. They ascend to the hero’s journey to find the meaning of the soul. It pulls you, synchronicity starts, it becomes this flow, a serendipitous adventure, where you never know whats going to happen.

Neural coherence, is when the neurons are vibrating, together in unison. In a state of neural coherence, we are safe and calm inside, perceiving our world, coherently. Now in a position to successfully adapt to it, needing neural coherence to get absolute feedback. If we can recognize our place in the unified field, we can have all possibility within the field. To simulate, visualize, all potential. What would happen if i did this, or that? We imagine these things but they are potential. Until we breathe into that potential , our love or our fear, is what we are imagining. If we think of it and we love it, or we think of it and we fear it, it empowers us to be creators, learning and teaching one another.

The greatest mastery is to know ourselves in this ability. There is a work of a medical doctor Alfred Tomatis, the book called the conscious year, he delineated hearing from listening. Hearing was a passive activity, listening was an active. When you listen your able to access different levels of consciousness, working with the emotional body. Whether you simply just sit there listening for a moment, listening to the sounds around you. You can hear you heart beat, you are breathing. Listening and silent are anagrams, of the same letters. If we do all of this, the results will be profound. In the beginning is the power of the word, the collective unconscious. The universal network, the same rules in harmonics and overtones we see in music. It is a song of the universe, this collective unconscious mind, is collectively coming together. We can tip the quantum field, having a spontaneous remission of the cancer that is on earth right now. A more harmonious wave of being, the greater the whole.


Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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