Sound and Megaliths

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The structures are massive, ancient and glorious. They inspired humanity for centuries, the wonders of the world, their origins are mysterious and controversial. All around the world from the high Andies to the gate of the sun, pyramids of Egypts, megalithic constructions, where no one knows how they were constructed. If there was one anomaly, there are thousands all around the world. Turkey, temples have been found out of megalithic rocks, 12-13,000 years old. The blocks that they were using to build these temples were so massive. How could they have been put into perfect position. In ancient times, these beautiful buildings and cathedrals, we have no idea how they were built. We could not reproduce some of these monuments today, currently. How where these structures created, and by whom.

They had an advanced technology, sound resonance? Sound or frequency in combination with technology, that with certain frequency would produce gravitational effects. Many thousands of years ago, earth was in a very different vibrational state than it is today. The possibilites are as intriguing as the buildings themselves. We tend to look at the constructions, rather than looking at the land itself. In all of these cases, was the understanding that you look for the sacred power spots first. Earth energy lines, node points from earths frequency grids. The original quality, the one that everything came out of. Transmuting, healing. These sacred power points, are similar to chakra points, to harmonize consciousness through the energy of that sight. These power spots have unique alignments across the globe.

You can see that they were not placed randomly around the world, in specific relationship to each other. Mathematical angles to each other. The moon pyramid, sun pyramid, the way of the dead, the way of initiation. The place of the ruler, the place of the different temples, the place to connect directly to spirit, the power spots. The pathway which was later the road systems, running along the pathway as if water, running around the water channel. The pyramids, underneath of the sun of Giza, they have the ability to create physio-static electricity from water, the ions rush up into the pyramid itself. In specific chambers. The hypothesis is that it creates electric power, coming out of the apex of these pyramids. Sonic or musical perspectives.

Musical harmonics, across the whole complex. The pyramid of the warriors, the observatory, these structures were built long before the mayans arrived. They emanated frequencies. They are node points on a web or matrix, that in the ancient traditions in the west was called the net. They were called in the documents of ancient Egypt the masters of the net. The pyramid of the sun, in Egypt is exactly 50 percent the height at the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The base, is also the same size as the great pyramid of Giza, it is the same architect. Biblically Joshua and the walls of Jericho, the successor of Moses, has a way of bring down these walls. Walking around the perimeters of Jericho, for 7 days, carrying the arch of the covenant, on the 7th day these are to walk around 7 times, while the priests blow their horns.

They are walking in unison, shouting in unison, consciousness component, with that sound, bring down the walls of Jericho. The ancient people, had stone, the particularly density which was also a frequency. If they knew the frequency of the walls, the sound could have been a component. The unified consciousness of the soldiers and the priests. Sympathetic resonance, how things self organize into collective behaviors. Vocal cords, to create the same frequency, those frequencies can move solid objects. It can allow us to build very advanced technology, musical instruments, to resonate in the proper configuration, to build a fundamental field of space and time. That would be as if logging on to the structure of space and the universal internet.

The Jed pillar in Egypt, the column with four cross bars. Bathing the entire Egyptians in these frequencies, that is what the Jed pillar was for. The transmitter from the pyramids. Maybe the image of the Jed pillar, performed. It looks just like a Tesla coil. Little Jeds, are connected to telephones. Tesla turned this into an oscillator. Jed pillar, and Onks, star gates where they would walk from one planet to another. The Jed pillar Onk, helped you walk through it. Tuning fork, quite possible that they would use these tuning fork to resonate at this higher frequency resonating from this higher frequency. A ring or the vibration. Thoth, is holding the caduceus, and the key of life. Hermes also carried the caduceus wand, to open gate ways and realms. The temple of Seti and Abydos, 40 feet beneath the ground of Seti, it has a resonance and vibratory capacity. Flower of life, is etched on to this. Another clue, that this is how we need to follow Osiron and other temples to how they were constructed. In bio geometry, the sacred power spots, in the heavens and the earths, that shape itself in the west today we call the astral plane. That shape on the land, is a connection between the earth and the first true spiritual plane of experience, astral journeys were to become. In 1859, John Taylor discovered that the formula had pi in it. If you divide it you get 2 pi, 2000 years before pi is discovered. The speed of light, the distance between the earth and the moon. Archeologists, are discovering , this kind be seen in the foliage.

Thousands and thousands of pyramids, that were thought to be mountains, theres a specific relationships with temples all around the world. Did they have outside help? In the construction of the megalithic temples, we always find the power of sound, on levitation and the human body. Human being must have had access to levels of mind, and sound in a much more advanced way than we know today. Making these types of amazing constructions, much easier to do. Sound, to do stone levitation. It has to be done by work to transform. They have to have a higher energetic body, to merge these vibrations and create them properly. Higher beings, beings of light, projected through the pyramid portal through other beings of space time. The concept of back to the future, emerges that knowledge from he past may lead us to a sustainable future. Free energy technologies are encoded in these metholic temples, creating a sustainable civilization.


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