Music of The Spheres

Many philosophers and scientists agree about one universal constant, the key that connects everyone and everything. From the microscopic to the massive, sound and vibration. Nadha-Brahma is the sound of Brahma, the all creator, which we live and move and have our being. All of the protons and electrons ringing in space, planets, solar system, stars, all in the galaxy; the galaxy is ringing, the super cluster. Many octavos past the proton. Living in the music of the spheres. The ancient mystics, such as Kepler and Pythagorus, said they were able to hear the sounds of the planets. This musical composition, was a mathematical master piece. You could double a frequency and extrapolate , receiving different sounds, or ultra sounds, then moving into infrasound, something into seeing instead of hearing.

Whether or not we can hear this is debatable. What we perceive depends on the pitch. Our hearing is 16,000 octaves. Dolphins is 100,000. Lowering or doubling the octaves allows you to hear the sounds more profoundly. Just because you cannot hear it, does not mean there is not a sound being created. Solar wind striking the ionosphere, creating vibration that could be modified in the range of human hearing, NASA, found this out. Voyager, went through the ionosphere, to download the sounds of our sun and planets. If you were to put headphones on you would hear these voices, of winds, animals and ether, external matter.

All of these things are giving you a sense or harmonic relationships ringing with all the spheres in space. The structure of space is oscillating, it is moving, it is angular momentum. Inward and outward circulation. Fractal reflections of the hologram of the universe, boundlessly into the galaxy, into brain networks that are reflected into the quantum field. Holographic principle, described in blackhole theory, everything you see is a result, or experience, is of this holographic nature of space itself. How you experience the world, how you interact back to the world, feeding information, actually interacting in this holographic nature of reality. Surfacing across the universe, and the universe is feeding you back information through your local experience.

The hermetic principle as above so below, is also experiencing this holographic reality. The scaling law, of many esoteric lineages, the human is a fractal of a repeating pattern, of a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. The planet is seen as a single entity, as well as our solar system, the planets being chakras. The fractals, our galaxy, will be through the body of the universe, which in the east is called Brahma. This network of interconnected structures talking to each other, transmission across the scales is consciousness and awareness, the universe thinking about itself, the feed back on information. Our earth, is a vast holographic. The Gaia hypothesis named after the ancient greek goddess Gaia. It was coined by the term James Ludlock. The human body, self regulating, the chakras are constant rhythms.

The lungs would be the rain forest the trees, the circulatory system would be the lakes, rivers, oceans. The earth has a magnetic field around it, those magnetic field line have frequency, the human resonance is a base core frequency. 7.8 Hertz. The crust of the earth, the human resonance, is a mean. Sun spots and other activity , fluctuate it. We as humans interface with the electromagnetic field, very low alpha or high theta. If it goes higher, there could be a relationship with the nervous system, and how our human body could be effected by this. The earth is a living being, an organic being going through a life process, the vital life force, the same way the human body has. The ancients were so in tuned with the earth. The vibratory of the earth itself, can place certain locations, and the continents, placing these and the oceans as well. Ancient knowledge, coming back today through modern research.

The sun also plays a part in this cosmic orchestra. Playing 1 million notes simultaneously. Protons, electrons, neutrons in a 4th state of matter called plasma. It is so powerful, when striking a planet it blows its ionosphere blows, bo-shock, charges the ions, making them resonate. Our sun and every planet are in a cosmic dance. Where not in the same position at all, relative to the galaxy from year to year. Strings or vibrations, in the structures of space making spirals. These harmonics are geometric, mathematic structures, harmonic, parallel vibrational strings, relationships through orbital distances of our planets. Periodic table of elements, botany, crystallography. Adhere to vibrating strings.

The body has numerous rhythms, circadian rhythms, astrologic cycles, breathing. The human body and the universe, is noted in yogic traditions, assigning certain planets to the Chakras. The perspective and angle they are looking at it. The planets corresponding to the tree of life, as if notes. Drawn from those notes, musical composition, opening of the chakras. The shriantra, is the sound of Om. Theres four triangles going up, five going down. The complete mathematical construction of the laws that make everything. Similar geometry to Anahata the fourth primary chakra, or heart chakra. The un-structure of sound. Structure of space and the molecular structure of water when frozen.

Mystical sound of creation, audible, in 1965, physicists discovered a background noise emanating from all directions in the universe. The sound of creation, or sound current, alluding to so many esoteric lineages. The wave is the sound current, emanation of the god head, coming down, particularly in wave lengths, quanta, from infinitely high to infinitely more dense frequencies. The sound current, and the brain, scales and the universe are part of a giant ensemble. If you understand these principles, you can understand the principles of creation, from which we emerge. We are as an oscillating string, in space, singing and vibrating, as one piece of a whole galaxy. We believe extra-terrestrials will be communicating with us through music, encoding knowledge. Ultimately that will be the way, we will be communicating with extra-terrestrial beings.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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