Healing with Sound

The human body, operates as a musical instrument with every organ tissue and bone in a constant state of vibration. This knowledge was thought to think in terms of cells, fragile neurons and tissues, 50 trillion cells are in the body, and each one of these cells has about .7 volts. Each part of your body has a certain vibration, needing to be in a harmonious state, when it gets into a diseased state, that is when you become ill. Frequency and intent, is healing. Sound and consciousness creates the outcome of the sound, creating our voice. Using sound to help us heal, in a coherent way. The human body is an elaborate instrument.

Every cell is a transistor, resistor, photon receivers, emitters, transmitters. Self regulating this soft technology we have in our body. The human mother board includes two vital centers, the heart and the brain. Our brain puts out an electromagnetic field, as well as the heart. When they are in synchronicity together they have heart brain coherence. The head and the heart can come into coherence, creating differentiation in the bios field. Everyday we learn more about the heart brain synergy. There are neurons in the heart.

Which means that they work together, our relationship to sound, matter and the brain. As we achieve higher heart states, we are achieving and stimulating the entire brain, using brain entrainment. Brain wave speeds. Brain entrainment, will expand your states of consciousness. In ancient shamanic cultures, the shamans would create rhythms with the drums, to take you into different states of being. 5 hertz, is theta, when your brain waves go around while dreaming, beta function, crossing into alpha, 13-12,11,10,9,8, theta.

That would be a shamanic journey. EEG can show this. Long term practitioners of meditation exhibit the gamma state of consciousness, simultaneously. There is much more than the four brain states, 30 – 100 cycles per second, is gamma, the heart rate. Hyper gamma is even further in. Brian wave bio feed back equipment, is the brain wave in real time. modifying the brain wave in the feed back. Gamma is above 40 hertz. The digoredoo, expands states of consciousness, in the gamma frequencies. Brain wave entrainment can change the right and left brain hemispheres in incredible waves. Headphones, binaural beats, 100 hertz – 105 hertz, the ear is going are you hearing what I am hearing?

Across the corpus callosum, is the agreement with each other on what we are hearing around us. Sound is everywhere. Left, right, front, back, top, down. You get the synchronizing of the hemispheres with the head phones on. Hemisphere synchronizes on EEG with headphones. What are the benefits of the synchronized zone. Now for the first time in our biological evolution, we are floating the brain in the synchronicity zone, decimal points bring it back to 0. So that the master system tells all systems, it is in a state of balance. Our organs, glands, meridians, chakras and more. Or by using simpler sonic remedies.

Music connects the corpus callosum, stimulating the whole brain into coherence, stimulating higher functioning. The corpus callosum is a large bundle of more than 200 million myelinated nerve fibers that connect the two brain hemispheres, permitting communication between the right and left sides of the brain. Abnormalities within the corpus callosum have been identified in maltreated children. Mantras help, bring into brain coherence. Chanting words aloud and silently. The acupuncture meridians are the net points, or the chakra points. We need to know what types, we need to fill into these energy centers.

Charka originates from the world field. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency through tone, color, planet, body and sound. Bringing your body back into healing, the vizierial healing, is the nervous system relaxing, your heart becomes more open. C sharp and G sharp tuning forks, oscilate, sympathetic resonance. These are ying and yang/yung. The sound intervals, or Shin and Shakti. Its a form of active meditation, having these tapped on your knees and elbows, holding them at our ears for a quiet still meditation. What is consistent, is ingrained to return to coherence. Understanding these principles of resonance is allowing us to build advanced technological instruments resonating through space and time.

Accessing to an incredible amount of gravitational force as well as magnetic forces. They said the pyramid was an entire speaker, that brought peace, resonance and harmony. These people would be activating access of consciousness, frequencies, bringing together prosperity, peace, love and joy. We can be strong resonators, entraining others into our fields. Sound science can eradicate disease. Matter resonates at a specific frequency, cancer tumors, isolating the frequency of the atoms in the tumor, can be canceled out through sound frequency. DNA, is music relationships right from the beginning, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence, and we are not very far way from figuring this all out. Collectively we can align in spirit. Brain entrainment, binaural beats, and headphones has linked 10s of millions of people together. We have never been able to do this before. Science is only know catching up, with sound healing, healthier, safer and better results. Future of sound healing, rather than pharmacological healing, and a new paradigm itself.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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