Throughout My Life Experiences, Always Do The Work.

Throughout my life time, it has been clear and concise to me that no matter how far you have to go to achieve your goals, reach for the stars. You can always aim as high as you want, never back down. You will realize that there will be many challenges and pitfalls, however you must perceiver. You can work extremely hard to achieve what you want, even when you hit that goal, you should still try to keep building yourself up one step at a time. The ladder, is not just for achieving goals, it is to help you progress on a daily basis, and remember where you came from when you started. When you focus on your goals, make sure that you have everything structured in some type of planner. It could be a planner for 5-10 years from now.

Today, start with day 1. What are you going to do today, to change your situation? Your life? Is it that you want to get married, is it that you want to finish college, do you want to start a business. There are so many reputable places that you can go to for this help. I know so many websites, bloggers, podcasters, they all love hearing new voices in the field. If you are interested with working with me, I would love to podcast with you and then write an article based on what you do, what you have accomplished and the former. I really think it is so important for people to understand that when you are one thing, such as a doctor, you do not just have to be a doctor.

For instance, I love fashion, I have my applied sciences degree, and I have 12 other degrees in psychology and education. Through working really hard, I took over the company NEXT, Im the creative director and FWRD, and designer for FWRD and other brands, as well as work this company as well. I think bringing in new minds, diversifying the industry to show the world; you can achieve more than one dream you set your mind to, is the perfect analogy to what I am trying to say here. Remember to always believe in yourself, even if know one else does, I believe in you. Follow your passions, they become motivators to the dreams you have been chasing your whole life. If people judge you for being you, then let those people go, and move on to a better crowd of people who support you.

I think family and friends are so important as you’re making this journey to finding out who you really are. I also today fully took ownership of another company, which is very exciting! Follow your dreams, they will take you to your realities, follow your reality, it will take you to heaven on earth. Remember that knowledge is power, so intertwining knowledge, with education is so important; as well as fashion and music. It all can be condensed into one prime thing, becoming yourself. I remember when I was growing up, I always had a drive to want to work, however, I realized through trials and tribulations that work can be difficult.

If you stay focused and driven at the tasks at hand, you can multi-task on many different levels of opportunities. Especially now that we have so many things remote. It is very depressing when you go through heart break or the loss of someone you loved very dearly to your heart. However, I have learned life happens, if it was meant to be, then that will be the outcome. You cant go back to the past and say I wish I could have done that over, you have to keep pushing, keep striving, move forward from trauma. Reconcile with the people you love, if you are fighting. Life is too short to hurt others and yourself. I went through a really hard time during COVID, only my closest friends and family really know about it; but I am so lucky to be alive.

I get up every morning, feeling grateful for another beautiful day. It is beautiful to just go outside, smell the flowers, the trees, nature. To know we live in this huge vast plant of a world we call earth. Leonardo Divinci used to paint pictures of the earth as being a plant. How crazy is that? It is so true though, it is filled with grass, water and trees. We live in a plant! Now the reason Im saying this to you, is because when I first started writing, it was to cope with the tragedy of losing a loved one, who I really loved more than anything. I thought that if I kept writing, I would push past my being sick myself. Traumatized as well, from dealing with so much grief. What you learn from grief; is that you will never forget that person, ever. Especially if you were high school sweet hearts. However, you will move on, Im walking proof, that I am coming out on the other side, feeling okay.

Not all 100% because when you have a broken heart, it is hard to mend. Eventually though, someone new will mend that heart and you will be okay. They will be watching over you, no matter what. I know that, because the day I lost someone I cared about so much, I saw him in the flesh on the plane, but it was his angel <3. He was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt, and khaki pants and he smiled at me. I did not know how to feel at first, but I had some sort of comfort; knowing that know matter what he was going to be okay. I just could not believe he channeled through me that I saw him transitioning into the after life. Thats how I know miracles really are true. If you are not thankful enough, pray more, get into some impeding activities to transcend yourself.

It has been almost two years, and Im happy to say, I have fallen in love again. This person, is someone, I love dearly, and I could not have asked for someone better. Especially to help me mend my pain, through the pain, I fell in love with him, for him. I am happy now. It will always be difficult to look back, but the most amazing people surrounding you, help you get through it. Be thankful for everyone and everything, everyone; even if they are not so great, teaches you a lesson. There could be dark people in this world, However; there are MANY incredible ones. Find the amazing people, who lift you up! You learn everyday. Pitfalls. make you stronger, help you grow into someone more courageous, able to take on anything. Even if it is to make you stronger, implement that into your life as a tool to connecting to your higher self/good. God is trying to teach you how to fight for what you want and love in this world. Lastly, it is known that if you have a life purpose, or a reason for living, you live a much longer life, so find what drives you to be you, and go for it! All the best. Much Love to All of you reading this.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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