Geometry of Sound

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Math and music are the most common universal languages. Pathagoras believed if we could uncover the differences, we could create sacred geometry. The sacred measure of the earth. Higher consciousness, down to the level of vibration, in ancient traditions was called the net. The ancient scholars, would say these 5 forms, would fit perfectly between the sphere. It is the divine plane, the unified field source. Having that initial container for creation, we can modify it , by putting perfect divisions to it. Every form from the sphere, is exactly equidistant from the center. The very first of the platonic solids is the tetrahedron. 720 degrees, the foundational basis for all greater complexity in all geometric forms.

The foundational basis, will always also be related to 9. Then beyond the tetrahedron we have the cube, 2160 degrees. Octahedron, 1440, 9. The Icosahedron, 3600 degrees, angular sum. The relationship to the circle, the feminine. The dodecahedron, 6480 degrees as its angular sum, 12 sides of 5 sides each. The Icosahedron is specifically made of equilateral triangles, a dual style relationship with the dodecahedron. One is the subconscious of the other. The greeks designed an element of creation to each of these solids. Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The fifth platonic solid, they would not talk about publicly. They would be tortured and killed, before talking about ether, the thing that allows and animates the first four previous elements. The number 9, has a an intriguing connection to music. All of the notes of the platonic solids are 720, an F sharp. C sharp is the cube. All of the platonic solids and polygons, is the 9 forms, in mathematics. When you think of string theory, you think of vibration at the quantum scale.

Producing geometry relationships, symbology. Describing these vibrations, or created organized matter, into space, into our reality, the material world. Living organisms is an intricate part of this ensemble. We can see this is tides, seasons or in the human with breathing, heart beats and brain waves. Time is a rhythm, some sounds are harmonious and some sounds are disorient. Dissonance, could be used to dislodge patterns, the carry wave of these effects. One of the simplest of instruments demonstrates the harmony of the universe. A single monochord. Pathagorian School of Greece, very big secrets from the Egyptian temples. Analyzing the vibration that comes out of it.

Harmonics and overtones, an infinite number of notes, from one note. Speaking into the creation of the one, divided into the many. Divided into all of creation. An instrument older, digeradoo instrument, is played with the breath, instead of the string. The word for breath and spirit, is the same word, it is made audible in the monochord. Sound and pattern relationships, was when semantics came into focus. Sound can move and shape matter, it started by Haans Jenny. He would pipe a certain frequency across the material and move and shape it. Each unique frequency interacted with that matter in a unique way. Patterns were formed, just by a drop of water, forming these mandalas.

Hexagonal crystal, and snowflakes, appeared through vibration, through resonance. Sacred geometric patterns play an incredible role in the human body. Geometrical and mathematical shapes and figures. There is a harmonic relationship taking place with the cosmos. Very few patterns are in rhythms and cycles, the Phi ration .1618. The human body is a represent of the pyramid, a representation of planet earth when scaled down. We have 5 major appendages, we are a pentagram, just as if looking at Leonardo Divinci’s, the vitruvian man. Michael Angelo, made a sculpture of what a human body would look like, the golden ratio, its terms go on endlessly without repeating.

The numbers are words, the mathematical constants are verbs of action. The universal language of mathematics, circling the diameter, turning into a verb of action to make a circle. Looking at a piano keyboard we see 2 black keys, 3 black keys intertwined with 8 white keys, the series, 2, 3, 5, 8 is the beginning of the fibonacci series, the .618 ratio of the golden ration. This is the fibonacci sequence. It is an ever expanding spiral, you see it in shells from the sea, pine cones, sun flowers, in the way leaves and branches emerge on the trees. All of it is according to the law we see operating in music theory.

For the perspective 8 white keys, the 55th key becomes G, thats a fibonacci number, the 89th is the beginning of a new cycle. Buck Minster Fuller, The number 8 plays a role in the cuboctohedron, the vector equilibrium. Nassim Herman, says it is the geometry of the vacuum, we could create a perfect 64 tetrahedron. The number of infinity if 8. Generating geometry in ancient cultures, symbolized this geometry, describing a triangulation of the space. A stack of triangles, a star light structure, in various geometries that where at the base of creation.

In Hebrew tradition the Merkaba, it is light, spirit and body 2 intersecting tetrahedrons, creating a 3 dimensional energy field. The tree of life, or the Kabbalah is a map of consciousness, or a map of the universe.The flower of life, also matches space time, to the unification of the universe. I-Ching, has 64 symbols, six sticks each. The Ying-Yang, shows the dynamics of space. Michael Hayes, studies the I-Ching, pondering why there were 8 by 8, there are 8 trigrams hidden in the DNA strands. Fractals are reflective, holographic of similar patterns, basic patterns that repeat itself that you can look at it, and see the same pattern. The entirety, is the same as one minut pattern. What do all these geometries have in common, simatics, the golden ration, the 64 tetrahedron, the tree of life and fractals.


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