Being You Changing the World

Guest Dain Heer, speaks with Lisa Garr, What if you are the change the world wants to see, choosing yourself, is what freedom really is. “Being You Changing the World.” Is one of his books. When you are being you, you like the person looking back at your in the mirror, you start to have a sense that the possibilities that could exist, begin to come to fruition. Self judgement systems, begin to unravel themselves. The typical parents tries to show their child right from wrong, you are trying to show your children how to be successful in life. Judgement, is from the time of us being a child. We receive it from teachers, parents, judgmental people. The parents who do these classes, their kids are trying to change the outcomes.

It moves you into a more activist perspective in creating your life. When we change the world around us, we change the perspectives of others around us. The emotional and physical connection. The stuck energy, is when someone is in pain, it can come from thousands of things. When people twist something into a lie, into their world, the lie, is what sticks them, or becomes something different into the world. This judgement that is not true, they take it and try not to think about it anymore. They find a way to solidify it in their body. We are never looking for the possibilites because we are on the systems of the bad judgement paradigm, which takes us out of being us. We are all psychic and aware, we emphasize with others, without realizing it. How do we deal with this, using the tools of access consciousness.

He has been developing it for the past 19 years, and Gary the founder has been working on it for 30 years. They have 10,000 facilitators. Every aspect of reality, is addressed by this. When we do not function from consciousness, we live lives against our knowing. What we truly are, but not from a separation perspective. How do you live and be present in the face of everything and not lose you. It only hurts if you have a fixed point on how its supposed to be. When the different and greater shows up, it will always look different than you thought it would. We keep thinking different must be less and wrong, because it does not match our judgements and our expectations. Our projections, expectations and judgements of ourselves and our partners. We know the signs, that is a disconnection from our knowing.

We just know if one of partners, is doing something wrong. If you are trying to change something and it is not changing, where is the lie there? Is it spoken or unspoken? A lie, always makes you heavier. In access consciousness, they take a look at what the possibilities, questions and answers can be. The question that you can ask questions, are what has been going on that has not been acknowledged. The truth shall set you free, the truth for you shall set you free. What is true, makes you feel lighter. Access consciousness, what happens in the room for a being you class. It is an indescribable experience, your in the room with 200-300 people. There will be someone who has asked a question, they have been judging themselves for their entire lives.

You see this unlock, you see their body, face and everything become different. What you recognize is if they can do it, so can I. The world that you thought was not changeable is totally malleable. Then, nothing is standing in your way anymore. All of us coming together, in a room full of people who truly have your back, is an experience as of no other. No body is valuable to make you feel wrong. What we tend to do is make the most judgmental people in our lives, so valuable. We buy it, we believe it. If you are not meant to be treated wrong, which you are not; we go some place else, and change the situation. Can you change your of point of view, you become kinder, more humble. Selfish people are insecure. Part of the universe, have value, and can ask for what you want in the universe and it will be provided for. Finally have this caring for the world, you have always had. Not be hurt, and have caring for you and the world, then there is no separation. The choice you make today, creates the future you have tomorrow.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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