Sacred Space and The Healing Power of Resonance

Thomas M Dietz, speaks on how resonance is the key to everything, when two organisms share the same resonance, you will unlock the mysteries into the ancients. As humans we love ancient temples, marvel and admire their elegance. Behind their outward appearance theres a lot more going on. A living entity. In ancient Egypt, there was a living entity in these temples, prayers were so important. A reminder of their self help centers, a rich history of healing powers. The idea that sacred science has curative properties is a scared one. This type of stone is radioactive, there is an ancient technology behind the scenes.

This healing ability is true of sacred springs, the original sacred sites. One famous holy well lies behind shall cathedral. The well of the strong, is the effectiveness of the water in the water, has electromagnetic properties and minerals. John Trilial, had twisted limbs, partially paralyzed, after going into the holy well, he regained strength and was cured. When you walk into a temple, you are walking into the harmonics and temples of the laws of nature. If you look at the human body, it is not very physical, a solid experience, squeeze all the air out, it would be atoms and molecules that would be the size of a teaspoon. Then theres DNA, the essence of who we are. The chemical bonds, structured form the hexagram and the pentagram that is the ratio of 65, the earth , is also the same ratio, from the pole of 25,920 years.

The earth axis tilts over the course of 4 of 21,000 years. This ratio between the 2 is 65. This is the reason we are drawn to geometric forms. In the subatomic world, the essence of life. Diatoms, this resonance is when sound is made visible and photographed, vibration is an essential component to manifestation. They are sacred in every culture. Ancient architects coded these harmonics in blue prints and in temples. The temples are based on natural laws, the sacred places affect our senses, reminding us of the perfection we strive for in our lives. Each geometric form was shaped in nature, for each temple. Inducing an effect, stone henge is one. It is a jumble of large rocks, but underneath it every shape of Geometry lies concealed.

The only part of stone henge, is defined by the pentagram, the seven sides hectogram, the entire original site, through sound vibration. Experiments in Bulgaria, said that building hospital rooms shaped like pentagrams helped health. Trapezoids, stopped schizophrenia, while spherical shapes produced the coagulation of blood. Aura, resonance, radiance. The organisms soul. With the energy of two organisms intersecting a bond takes place, information is transferred between the two, that is love. Fully engaging with the source, through time. Duality, the separation between the physical and the spiritual, you become diseased with your environment. The temple builders, wanted to bring people into a state from balance.

Into a god, into a bright star, something imperfect, into perfect. What makes temples energetically active. They were all located on magnetic hot spots. Two of the earths major pathways, electromagnetic. Pierro Neuro, he was skeptical that ancient megaliths held any power, admitting that the sites were alive. He said that standing beings are congenial and like us , easily offended. They admitted pulses at regular intervals, living entities. Sacred sites, to heal alignments, makes much more sense now. There was a sacred space in England, that admitted electromagnetic pulses, and shaping the patterns, that were with blue and red lights turning into the planets, and all of the platonic solids. Designing to generate specific frequencies.

Adelphi and the Great Pyramid, is the base resonance of 7.8 hertz, the healers and psychics when working have the same environmental resonance. This alters the information, received on the DNA. Optimal health and mentally spiritually as well as physically. Water, all sacred sites are placed near water. Water is a fundamental element in every temple. In keltic times, the oracles and churches were observing animals on a specific place to give birth. Animals, would find an invisible vortex in these fields. Guy Underwood, said that the size and invisible paths of energy, were found. Water, can be truly alive. Living water, was known to doctors in London in the 1900’s to be cured by tumors and eye problems they could not cure. The body is electromagnetic composed of 2/3 water, part of it is in the blood.

How the temple and the human body are mirrors of each other. When water spins, it takes on an angle of 19.7 degrees, the energy that is released from the core of the earth. Second, water generates its own electromagnetic field, it has a memory. It was already known from Egyptians in ancient B.C. Homeopathy, is now this theory. Jack Bentonist, said that 40 years ago taking on these different supplements to help heal, could. Water can be shaped by the energy field of the human being through focused intent. Intent and the electromagnetic field, Masuto Emuto, shows this, the Japanese scientist. Two organisms, one organism can be drastically altered and improved. Can a resonance be tapped at a sacred site, and be measured.

In his first book “Sacred in the Field.” Temples, contain code information, transferred to living organisms, these mysterious symbols are the new temples. Geometric to ancient temples, referencing each other as well as the landscape. Experiments show that EEG devices have more brain activity in crop circles on the right side of the brain. How they contain a signature range of no stations 260-320 mega hertz. Upping the frequency ten fold, definitive interaction, with organisms. Radial and concentric, energy fields, morphemic fields where an organisms information is stored.


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