Our Non Linear Selves

Joe Dispenza, talks with Regina Meredith, awakening the healing and the kundalini. The non-physical selves, space time, and the terrain that she enjoys talking about. The human being in our non linear continuum. If we use our ego, to change our ego, or the program we are fighting against ourselves. The brain goes into high beta brain. They are analyzing and thinking in the past, driving their brain into further equity. When you teach people how to do, you get narrow focused, the brain, a problem a thing, you loop, it causes our awareness to become convergent. When you teach people how to become aware them and around them in space, it becomes more organized. Hyper coherent, good coherence means theres a pulse, a beat.

When hyper coherence, where you are under stress, we think we are living in linear time, we are in stress mode. A majority amount of people spend this time in altered states. Self indulgent, self important, the brain does the exact same thing. In networks across vast landscapes. Normal states, are altered states. We are endorsing the ego, to become self absorbed. The brain closes down, the brain becomes subdivided, in coherent states, turning down to the central nervous system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system. The central nervous system controls all the other systems. So it is saying, I do not know how to make white blood cells. When people put a divergent focus and not a convergent focus, when you are functioning by the stress, you are more matter and less wave.

Energy contracts, putting energy around the body and space, the consciousness, awareness on that space, the brain becomes orderly. You are no longer using anything to change the brain. Except, consciousness. If you do not put your awareness on that field, as soon as you put your emotions and you are awareness around you; you can change the brain. Having the ability to change the brain. When people start connecting with non linear selves with non intention, the EEG, the analytical neocortex starts settling down, moving from beta too alpha. When functioning from the stress, where functioning and deterring realities from stress.

The thinking neocortex, slows down producing alpha brain waves, the inner world becomes more real than the outer world. We are in beta, we are relaxed. Focused, brings you into middle beta. Nerves equals high beta. The brain never has enough time to consolidate knowledge, because it is usually a time to run through fight or flight. When we teach people to slow this down again, you consolidate new circuits in your brain. When we learn we move into alpha. The inner world becomes more real. On the scans, the beta patterns slow down, healthy coherent , orderly , rhythmic patterns in the alpha.

The left is talking to the right, the front is talking to the back. The moment we are not our body, our identity, the brain tends to get more orderly and coherent. He is selfless, not a self any longer. This synchronization, links everything together. That fragmented personality, when stressed, stops that. Meditation helps the stress response, completely. Coherent and orderly signal sends the central nervous system, the immune system says that is a great rhythm. The symphony is playing in unison. The digestive system is better, the heart is better, well being, beings to happens. You go from tissue break down, from degeneration to tissue repair and regeneration. Particle to wave, the energy and chakra centers begin lining up.

The body is freed from the chains of the past, that is joy. The hormonal centers, moving into the heart, falling in love in the moment, the heart energy moves from to the brain. You begin to focus on the 99 percent of possibility that the atoms are made of. Creative states begin to happen, a different state of an expression in the brain. The conscious link up process. Two aspects, our subjective consciousness on a journey back to source. This field around us is beyond space and time. Objective consciousness, is thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic. These atoms, in our life, is saying to the objective consciousness, that we are expressing and creating suffering. Leaving no doubt to suffer more, its karma.

We keep creating that same external environment. That same thinking and feeling. The outer and inner world, breaking the addictions to emotions, changing the feelings you have memorized. Subjective consciousness when married with and unified with objective consciousness, you get up as if your prayers are already answered. That transforms every atom in your life. Living in a state of gratitude, makes you think and know that this has and will have already happened. Electromagnetic frequency, when emulated, create the divine. It has a mind, love for life. It is a consciousness, awareness, observant of who we are.

Honoring free will, absorbing who we are being. Elegant state of being, empowered, divine, rich, enthusiastic, you are emulating the observer. Connected to something greater, never trying to enforce the outcome. Connected, you trust in the unknown, you know it will happen. Theres a delicate balance, intention is getting clear on what you want, surrender, is whats right for you. The moment you step back in, you just doubted your creation. We have to lay down the very thing we used our whole life, to get something greater to happen. The moment you step in, it honors free will. Creating wealth, is to surrender to yourself. Right on the other side of pain, is freedom, it is the same energy trapped in the body.

Now, we have available energy, to design a new self, new state of being. You must trust, and not be your limited emotional self, you go is as your unlimited self, and then you say, Im so glad I made that choice. Your brain, goes from beta, alpha, theta delta, and vice versa. When awake vs asleep. Your optic nerve sends information to the pineal gland, sending serotonin to your brain. When you wake up in the morning. At night it turns it into melatonin. When serotonin increases, your brain wave patterns go into beta. When you are in mediation, your brainwaves move into melatonin. Doing these beta to alpha, you could slip into theta, when your body is asleep , but your mind is awake. The moment the body is asleep there is no longer, any resistance, this is when any instantaneous change takes place.

The filamaic gate, the neocortex, hitting that creates gamma brain waves, you never forget the moment, this is when you rewrite the program. Coherent gamma, that is energy, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are in balance. This person is going from 20-50-100 watts. Full of energy, in a state of catharsis. It is not chemical, its electromagnetic. Melatonin has to change, it turns into all of these amazing neurotransmitters, it makes a chemical thats anti aging, anti microbial, it is an antioxidant. A phosphor luminescent chemical. If you switch that molecule again, you find that mammal that is hibernating, that is when the body is no longer the mind. Take that and switch it again, you are walking into a dimension, from space time to time space. The mystical moment talked about for antiquity. When that happens, the person will never be the same.


Laura Zukerman

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