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Regina Meredith sits down with Billy Carson, what had influenced him into what brought him to his pursuit of truth. He has represented a blood line of people that has been tapped in a really interesting way. He grew up in poverty, moved to Florida, he is a an entrepreneur, and figured out how to make life incredible for him. He was born in NY city, queens, moved to Miami Fl, in an impoverished city. He was reading children’s books at 10 months, and novels at 1 years old. He knew early on that he was different, retaining information, and other children did not have the same concepts that he had.

When he got to rainbow park elementary, he was asked if he should go to kindergarten or the 2nd grade. His mother decided to put him in the 1st grade. He started researching by 12 years old, selling newspaper from the Miamis news. He found a company called the galaxy of electronics. He would go to Dixies, found the companies and the radios he would start buying all of these radio technologies. He had the best prices, at the age of 13. By the time he was 14, he was making more than his parents. Still researching reverse propulsion technologies, and all types of sciences. Universally synchronizing, that his mom had been approved for the whole set of books, that he could read. That was his in home education.

He stayed very entrepreneurial and successful. He started replicating what he saw this man doing, would read what he saw at the book store, he realized he could make websites. Taught himself 5 different program languages from the bookstore. He started dot-com marketing groups, telecommunication companies. Glo-bench systems, was a company that approached him, they acquired his company. Sold it to amber alert systems. Then, he had enough money to retire. He volunteered at all of these schools, he started all the sports program in western Florida, he did the junior olympics, and more.

When did they start featuring you on TV shows? He started to become an astronomer, he started realizing the precession was speeding up. He found potential answers to these questions. Different geologically disasters were on earth, the binary star system. He built an underground shelter, in north western Georgia. It could save the lives of 360 people incase of a collapse. Thats when he got into TV, on IMEB. Then he began radio shows. His paternal grandparents, his grandmother, was puerto rican, her grandmother was a princess, in puerto rico. She is now 97. She met his grandfather, in St. Thomas.

His grandfather had been interacting with people there. His aunt, does not know anything about forbidden knowledge. His mother passed away 9 years ago. His mother always understood his curiosity for things. They were playing at a neolithic structure in St Thomas, they were said to leave the ship, and then they came back a few hours later. His parents, and family have been connected to the aliens. Alien DNA, not from this earth, is the type of blood he has, in certain ways. RH- blood. His aunt said that we look like them, they do not look like regular aliens. His family is a bunch of architects, he had found this extremely interesting. His grandfather, only had an 8th grade education. Ability to fish, he was a fishermen.

He remembers the first day he was born, having been fed fish. Today, he is a vegan. He began architecture, long before they were born, designing houses to be built. He ended up in Egypt, with the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, both needed restoration. Megalithic sites, did any of them have psychic abilities? His aunt, had the capability of seeing way in the future. His father was driving elderly people around, for handyman. She told him, that he was going to be in a car accident. 3 weeks later, all 8 people in the car died. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and then was founded to be alive in the hospital.

People became much more aware and cautious, about when these things were happening and occurring to Aunt Doris, his psychic aunt. It was destined to have happened, in some time line, but some of these events were reverted, because they figured out ways to change the ultimatum. When people listen, there able to avoid some of these obstacles and challenges, in the evil or retrospective problems and outcomes. He was a 10 pound baby, he was in the hospital for 3 weeks, he was rejecting something with the RH- issue. 4 years ago, he was in the front row at a concert, he was 74.

He had been beaten up by 4 cops, because of his color!! This is absolutely terrible. His father, must have been traumatized and in hostile inner cognition, where he began having seizures, that erased his mind and he became brain dead. His mom died when was 16, his dad never came back to the house. He started a foundation called the Carson foundation for sickness and depression. In Florida. He went up there, his father was out of it, he was able to spend time with him. He was in the same ICU his mother was in, the way she died. He told him, it is time for him to be free, and that he suffered long enough. Billy has come out on the better side of things.

He seems to be doing well. He thinks he has to go the extra mile, to receive the credibility, the appearance that will bring forth respectability. He came home crying from school because he had an A-. He had always been an overachiever, wanting that level of respect. He thought because of his condition, his race and other things, he needed to be extra presentable. How does it work to have your memory, and awareness and not being able as a kid, to understand it. The grandmother began giving him blue fish, and he remembers the table , the fish, and he told the family. All of his children became A1 sports championships, excelling. He told them he was creating a sense of their own excellence. They are all grown up now, they are used to work loads, being on time, multitasking and having a lot of things to do.

One more important thing, he never beat his kids, he never yelled at them. You cant take children and beat them, only a small amount of kids would ever be okay that way. You cant yell and beat your children. He starts tearing up speaking about where he grew up, and he says that it is really bad in this area, he gets emotional about it. When you look into the racism of this culture, you realize the way that color has been oppressed, brother fight against brother, women mating, sayings it is like a breeding plan. In DNA, your DNA stores memories, and these epigenetic memories can be stored for 15-20 generations.

They are trying to break these old habits. However, they are ingrained in you, and you need to change these circumstances. It is not about having sex and running, it is about taking care of your children. He wants to reprogram the mind of the African American male and women, to change their reprogramming. He did a lecture where 500 people showed up to understand the reprogramming. He was so excited, to show this many people in these tough communities, how to change their lifestyles. Science is showing that people are suffering from PTSD from 200 years ago. A lot of lecturers are based upon spirituality and science, and they realize they want to change their circumstances.


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