Driving Your Truth

Regina Meredith sits down with Jean Slatter, to heal and open up our deeper truth. For people absolutely having to know what truth is, it is subjective but it can tap into the quantum field. We have seen this, through Covid, people parting ways, losing work, grace periods, people are going at each other. Or where going at each other. Becoming very polarized. Information had been being thrown at us, remember to be open. Allow yourself to be flexible, and not be fixated on a particular thought and ideology. On a national level, locking into something and justifying the original idea that they came up with.

On a personal level, one particular idea is how they feel, and they wont revert from that. When we are exposed to something new, remain humble enough to allow new information in and be flexible. Her brother working in the hospital, was very different than the government and what they were going through. They would receive hate, and even though we have freedom of speech, it is terrible what some people were saying, when we couldn’t control the outcomes. Reginas husband Zeus was talking about something, in truth this is the weird thing about this phenomenon, there is truth in all of it.

All of these people were on respirators, they were dying. We were having a problem figuring out that all of the above could be truth. Indicating that the people who were more vulnerable to the upper respiratory issues, were the smokers. There is something nicotine did, to open up the circulation, that could have been affecting this on some level. How do we start looking for real truth, when are minds are working in fear. We are talking about this back in 2020, Dr Anthony Fauci, was saying that they were rushing vaccines to market. Mass freaking out globally, because no one knew what was true.

And, as a pattern, its appropriate to see patterns. Near and dear to Jeans heart, she grew up in a church where she considered the cult, it was controlling the congregation, offering safety. Stay with us, and you will be safe, your salvation is assured. If you have doubt, question or deviate from the doctrine, you are eternal damnation is assured, what do you choose. You stay within that paradigm, that belief and dogma system. We were seeing extensive control, if you think this way we will keep you safe. Jean is saying if you did not think in this certain way you were outcasted, and feeling undermined.

Fearless political leaders, attaching to the truth, you could be safe, flawed thinking across the board, and to question everything, was to be in fright. The subject of is this science safe, will the military come and vaccinate us all. Operation warp speed. Jack Barsky, a former KGB spy, is accustomed to looking behind things, it is all strategic. She asked what is all his perception looking at all of this, he said with regard to disinformation, with the advent for the internet, you will never get the truth. These are bright people, in an alternate reality, creating phenomenal damage. Skewed perceptions in the big picture. You can get caught in a rabbit hole that will take you down with it, if you go in certain directions. What is important here, is zoom out, as to what we as souls are doing here.

We incarnated on time and for a purpose on purpose. We are this immortal soul. Why did we come here now? Dealing with this intensity of what is going on right now, getting from this particular time frame. What is our soul interested in. We are not separate, we are participants in creating all of it. A collective experience as a group a souls, who incarnated in this time frame. What happens when everything comes to a halt? When you look at all of the elements behind it, that have to do with deception, the elements that arises here, stopped everything. Maybe this is stopping to break these patterns, to reevaluate, to think. What is it that you are wanting to put your attention on. We need to be empowered with these ideas.

Truth can be found in every different perspective. We are creators of experience, so we can know the truth of something. Practical knowledge derived from direct participation. For each person, it is serving something of a purpose. They may decide that is their truth, if you had felt victimized, diminished, disempowered, you are not supposed to feel that way. You need to realize, you choose to be here. This time has given us the opportunity to get to know other things. Appreciative and grateful for everyday. The other element is everything has their own agendas for their own reason. Our truth is the white hat, our connection with one another, put a white hat on connection and cooperation. Truth, compassion, and cooperation, is how to change the world. That is when we empower ourselves, we have choice we are not victims. Even though people lost their lives, we all lose are lives. Maybe there was knowledge coming back, taking back our immune systems for the future.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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