Principles of Human Design

Dirk Nellens, speaks with Regina Meredith about Human Design.We have all played with divination tools, numerology, astrology, now theres human design. He is a practitioner of Human Design. Awahdo or Rah, was the man who brought him into human design. – this compelling figure, this profit presence, well he says that this all started as a journey of madness. He states that human design stands by itself, not needing explanation to where it came from. It draws on a lot of ancient understandings and systems, but it is its own system. He said a mystical encounter lasted for eight days, and he did not eat any food. Human design that brought this into the world, was based on the mass on nudrinials, stars being older than the universe itself.

Mass, magnetic maniple. Substantiated over time. He felt acknowledged in his own process, in the end he was a very detailed man, looking into the details of everything. Human design, was not just esoteric. Visual impressions, he must have been easy to work with, the visual capacity within in, and his intelligence. When did this assemble itself into a system, he needed 7 years from recovering from the trauma of this experience. He was channeling things down, writing, and started to put it out in the beginning of the 90’s. In 2001, there was a large group that worked with Rah in Sedona. One thing that struck regina about this, was that there was an odd kind of logic, a basic typology. This seems to be a functionality, then a lot of other sources of divination. Dirk comes from a background of social anthropology, they use lenses, they evolve. 150 years ago, the lens anthropology used, they were looking at cognitive anthropology.

All of this human diversity, expression, limited or unlimited, is there a determination for that. The answer seems , it is both. What they look at cognitively, is somehow we are all born with, discovering it does not matter what kind of country, society or culture, they come from. Around the age of 2, a kid progressively believes he is his own person, that this is mine. There would be no economical expression on earth, if this were not the case. We are hard wired to belong, humans. We do not really understand how that hard wiring operates, when you look at human design; you have the full lay out of how we human beings are energetically hard wired, how that hard wiring operates. What it is determents and potentials are.

Raw mentioned in contrast to so many revelations that humanity sees, god created the design crystal bundle that resides in the earth. Mother earth is talking to us, inside of us , the way that you are wired in my intelligence, it works this way. It was the presence of his dog, how other life forms are energetically wired within the intelligence of energetic nature, genetic form. Body graph, 36 channels, human forms. Mammals and fishes are different, Matrix’s were revealed. They way we go about it, one of the things that is so actual today is living ecologically. Surrounding and surrender to the intelligence of modern nature inside of you. A chart gives you a map, the intelligence of life inside of you. Approaching life mentally, it can be harsh with all the consequences that come out of it.

What is modern natures intelligence in me, letting my mind observe what it is to be alive. Nurturing the intelligence of a persons life spark. Developing a witnessing consciousness, what it means to be alive, we all share the same hard wiring. We are just going out in different ways, different expressions, why is there so much judgement on others about how they go about life. Giving expression, to a universal energetic hardwiring. Those cultures, strayed from the indigenous relationships, may not have wondered as far from their interdependence from the earth. Retaining more of a natural behavior from the earth. There is something to observe in a way, living in a tribe; living in a confide energetic structure. When moving into the collective, there is an expansion, potential loss for cohesion, when the structure is smaller. Hard wiring of design of chart, we are hard wired tribally, it has a certain operating system to share, collective. Theres a whole collectively, abstract life. Then theres a whole aspect to sharing logic. Hard wired to empower ourselves. Hard wiring within us, that just from a tribal perspective. Those who are really individual, do not all thrive so well, in all kinds of tribes. What drew you in, to the practicing? The truth was clear, that anthropology cognitively is building this universal hardwiring.

It was the first system that gave us the first hard wiring. In all of those channels, seeing all the different life forces we need , in order to have a human experience. Thinks logically, abstractly. You get to see, how are you anchored within this hardwiring, so we can basically see what kind of life forces we are emanating in life, and what life forces we follow and develop. Character and being, a time and rhyme and reason to on a soul level. The generator is the projector manifest-or, that is Dirks chart. What uniquely expresses, generators is 70 percent of society. It is important to make clear, human design is not about putting people into a box. Theres different samples. Generators, they are life forces, expressing itself through response.

A defined sacral center, from the physical space from their naval to their sexual desires, finding satisfaction in the world. Learning to respond, it is about learning to acknowledge that your life force responds. Listen you have a responsive life force. When your life force is saying no, the mind comes in and says I’ll try anyway, you bump into a resistance field that generators describe as frustration. A journey to see what people do and don’t want at a primitive level. Manifesting generators, both have similar intelligence in their sacral, manifesting generators, are faster, theres an outlet through the throat, the responsive energy can go all the way to manifestation, see and acknowledge the response inside of you.

The nuances of how it expresses itself differently, are faster to respond and put things out. They do not have trouble in going back and moving forward again. Projectors are 20 percent of humanity, an energy field, people are very intuitively inclined. Bringing about something fruitful for another, making a difference in someone else’s life. Feeling out, whether that person is in their vitality. They have a life force, that they look through to another. What is the particular individuality of another, bringing about. Bringing about the insightfulness, to set something new in motion in life. That we can share and feel connected by.

Your deepest wisdom- Reginas, is that this brings about progress on this plane. She is a projector. This deep concern for others, is not necessarily easy for them. They have concern, guidance can fall on deaf ears, if they don’t let it out feeling the other is available for them. An invitation for projectors means you have an intelligence in your life spark, and if the energy is available for the others. Manifestor’s 10 % percent of the population. Their energy field is pushing yours aside. They are designed to have an impact in life. Rah was a manifest-or, informing about something that needs to be put out. They push through that. Plans will be executed, an energetic motor connected to the throat, it is far to see how impactful that can range. This is still being introduced to the world. Reflectors 1 percent of the population, no consistency with life force, they are specifically designed to experience , experience, sampling experiences, bouncing something back. Reflectors have a sampling aura, an experience to see what life is all about.


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