Why People Do Not Heal Correctly

One of the greatest surprises for Caroline Myss was that she found out healing was one of the most intimidating journeys of the healing experience. Power of wounds is a social tool, powerful social currency. She calls this Woundology. While we assume we all want to heal, many people fear becoming healthy. We can recoil at the thought that becoming healthy is intimidating or frightening. We have created a social environment in fact, when we expect to be rewarded for our out comings. Influencing others, healing becomes a threat. This is weird.

Health, has never been to stay wounded. Animals heal, Nature, Trees, Plants ,Humans. We can move beyond the consciousness of these wound. What is woundology? She met a friend for lunch, this friend approached the table, where she had just met all of these strangers. All of these people were sitting at the table, and this women was asking her friend, are you free on June 8th. She said, I cant its my support group meeting. This individual who asked the question, walked away. She watched an unbelievable display of information role out of her, with information, that no one needed to know.

It was obvious that her intention in communicating this information, was that she wanted to be treated in a certain way. She had an agenda. This opened Carolines eyes, that in fact when we are wounded when we suffer, part of us says how can we respond and be repaired? Our subcutaneous social tissue, has been so much a part of us. We live in a society, where being wounded, using the wound, is deeply supported. There is something wrong, with how could this happen to me.

Wounds become somewhat like a sive, because we can punish other people with it. We are really raging at god, that god somehow messed up. A cosmic glitch, an unfolding where you are angry. This is a deeply premolar organic response. Where we have taken rage or anger , to pass it through to someone else. Delivering the rage, if you were to heal that rage, you would not be able to pass it on to someone else. A wounded language of how to support me, what you expect in terms of intimacy. Without the wound, a person does not know how to be sensitive, protected. If we do not have that wounded language we do not know how to control somebody. You have to realize, they are falling apart. Health requires us to be fully empowered.

So long as we keep ourselves not fully healthy, we have excuses and reasons, to not carry our fully responsibilities in the world. The person we imagine ourselves becoming. A whole person, we speak about whole, wholelism. Body mind, spirit. We do not have an iconic whole person, that we aspire to be. We think about being invulnerable, invincible. We are emotional, huggable, cozy. Someone who is very herculine. We hold onto our wounds, that is how we stay approachable. That is how we think we stay normal, needy, needed, by being wounded. If we become totally healed and whole, no one will need us.

How will we attract people? People think the way that relationships work, is that we must be wounded. That is the key to being partnered, it is not. Staying wounded, engaging that weakest part of your pain, becoming your ticket. You have to evolve beyond the point , that you have to go through pain to heal. Our whole social way of thinking, is we have to have reasons on why we do something nice for ourselves. Something bad happens, now we can balance it with something good. Desirable and Deserving wounds, have been helpful for us. In our suffering we have this interesting sense, that life has to balance in some way or another.

This wound cannot be for nothing. We hold on to our wounds, this wound is without reason; it is an unbearable possibility. We must find reasoning in our suffering. That is the interesting part about human nature. What do you do if you recognize your wounds? Do you manipulate with your wounds? I have had a worst time than you, however it is you manipulate people, it causes people to treat you in a certain way. The wounded child is one of the most powerful archetypes today. That can come out and participate in your adult life, your everyday life. Our you could be manipulated by a woundologist.

How often do we say we are healing, walking, talking and physically feeling healthy. To overeat sugar, or eat unhealthy foods. Breaking these patterns, is everywhere. We need a reason for everything. That is just the way we are. We will dwell in our wounds. Breaking woundology, we have to realize their is not a logical reason for why things happen the way they do. Not one of us, is the center of the universe. In fact, there may be reasons for why things happen the way they do. Built around all of us, where all in this together. Forgiveness is the counteract to woundology, it is not something the mind can pull off, it is a mystical act of the soul, it defies gravity, and reason. It is the one thing that disempowers your wounds.

Developing a reverence for your self. A wound is a part of life’s challenges, to help us enhance our own character. They day you stop responding to the power of their wounds, the use of their wounds. The day that their wound is something you do not respond too, is a huge game changer, for you and that person. It takes an enormous amount of courage. Making a choice that changes the dynamic, a pattern between two people. The entire dynamic, nothing in life is meant to stay wounded. We are vulnerable, we are in packages that wound easily, we are not meant to stay wounded. That is why we repair ourselves so fast.

It grows back, and is replaced. Everything works to repair, we are not meant to dwell in wounds. It morphs our thinking, causing us to say, god made a mistake. This should not have happened to us. Sometimes the size of a wound is so extraordinarily wounded, at the end of the day, we get bitter or we get better. We do not wait for some form of explanation to drop into our lap. We will never have our wounds explained, we can only go forward and say , somehow in the grand scheme of things, we are all meant to heal. You will heal, this is a journey we are all in together. How far will you go?


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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