Understanding the Mandela Effect

Regina Meredith sits down with Cynthia Sue Larson, charming us with parallel realities, the Mandela effect. You can still see it in your minds eye, if you can understand it. When she was five years old, she envisioned the world as a web of consciousness. An awareness of who she wan intrinsically. Her purpose, her passion, this vision came to her like a knowingness, that she had a purpose here. She had doubts of why she was here in this world, at 5.

The peace, the love , the joy the reverence. It took her many years for her to say, she does not have to stay here. That she could go back to paradise, however realizing, she is being born awake; which means that she is in peace on earth. She would think stop rain, it would stop. Then start rain, it would start. An awareness of who you are sharing these things with. She would share these things with her mother, and not many other people. She would see, dark figures. Her father was an atheist, these things would try to pull her down in her sleep.

Thought forms, dark deightes. How do you do your clearing? Taking tap water and salt, and changing it every couple of days. When things are bad, the salt water becomes a crystalline attractor for all of that stuff. You can get your bearings for all of this kind of stuff. Pureness of intention, innocence and sweetness of heart, permeating the world, with love. Changing the material conditions of what it was. The situation may seem bad, but we do not need to go there, perfect alignment, to pull this off.

We can let go of everything to be true, on the material realm. And as she went through life, she got her degrees in psychics, in the material and non material in an academic sense. She studied at UC Berkeley, Quantum physics was her favorite. Consciousness was changing in groups of people, the physical history of events. Nothing was happening, when she was waiting for photographs of the furniture pieces, sending them to the wood carvers. That was a moment of cognitive dissonance. Where would that idea have come from?

She was a teenager, this began the disconcerting part of her journey. The difference in songs in the background, is the craving of a food or taste your traveling too. Some overplayed songs, are different. She met her future self one day. Where time is not linear, where something else is going on. Hypnogogic state, a woman who looked like her but older. She walked right out of the mirrors, thinking thoughts to her. She float walked over to her desk, saying she is just here to talk with her for a little bit.

She was about 16 years old. She pulled something out and floated away. The next day, she checked, it was letters from her boyfriend that were written to her. They were gone. Her cat passed, a few days later, he was in her garden. She saw him walking around, she was so grateful. Regina, wanted people to hear her stories, so that people do not think their crazy, if they go through this experience. It helps to have someone else agree with you. Although you should trust yourself, remembering it from childhood that you are pure consciousness. What is reality? These things are malleable.

The Mandela Effect, Nelson Mandela, died in 2013, the surprising thing, was people thought he past away way before this. In April 2001, he said on his radio show, Fiona Broom, said that he had died while in prison in 2010. There are alternate realities, where it can be a shared experience, in large groups, where we experience different events as things happened, simultaneously. In the vernacular of flip flopping, when you can change one thing, and then see other things as well. False memories can sometimes be shared by multiple people. This phenomenon was dubbed the “Mandela Effect” by paranormal researcher Fiona Broome, who reported having vivid and detailed memories of news coverage of South African anti-Apartheid leader Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s.

All of matter is energy, reflective cognition, the way that we pay attention, and the levels we pay attention. Gottfried Wilhelm, says there are different levels of awareness. The level where you are aware you are being aware, where you can see these reality shifts. When you remember, you are all of this, tapping into the fullness of your being. Dorian Grey, collective memory, and a changed material reality. What happens there? Quantum physics, the universal set, our true reality. Within the realm of quantum physics, sharing intentions, to see a desired improvement of consciousness on the planet. Observing, huge changes in physical reality. Heaven on earth, a rose appeared, a real rose, with a gentle fragrance, coral pink, she thought where did this come from, it was refined in a physical domain.

Different outcomes, happen for different people. Miracles happen all around us. Quantum physics, quantum tunneling and quantum teleportation are real, this is proven that this larger scale activity can occur. When you are in a near death experience. This is an exciting time for AI, development, facial recognition, pattern recognition. The self awareness test was passed. The best way forward, is to envision a positive future, stay open minded, how could can this get. Some people believe they will be replaced, do not be worried. Theres fundamental differences, soul, body and flesh. Put more thought forms and emotions into it. In service of our own growth and advancement with it. Being developed, with ethics and integrity, serving organic life. A guiding opportunity, these questions create the reality we are experiencing. These parallel realities are shifting, at what point does the original thought form come in, and then technologically, moving forward. There is not just objective reality, it could be very freeing to think this way. This is becoming scientific fact. What is our love, joy , passion and preference. Where not a slave, to anyones else’s perception of anything. To intend for the very highest outcome, fuel it with love.


Laura Zukerman

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