Overcoming Anxiety

Regina Meredith, interviews Tiffany Barsotti, on the teachings of how to overcome anxiety. The world quieted for a time, but when we emerged, the world had changed. Speculated that where we are in 2020- this was back in 2020. Tiffany is a medical intuitive and teacher as a healer, and she going to show us the macro and micro levels, on what this has unleashed in people. In working with your clients as a medical intuitive, she says these are important points, to looking more deeply into who we truly are.

A lot of anxiety, upset, fear, the uncertainty of how serious the virus was, the effects on what it was going to have on everyone we know and love. That really emerged. Then, a lot of people felt as if they could not go back to work anymore. There were people who were really stressed. People who were in awful situations, not knowing how to get along. Persecutors, locked up with abusers, a whole faction of experiences. They are seeking something else, when they find Tiffany. They do not want to do the psychotherapy, they are changing, people found her on the Drama Triangle. Pre Covid, people were fine with their jobs, looking normal, some moments of satisfaction. Until something knocks us off of our pirch.

We learn through pressure, challenge and pain. We need to talk about that at a deep level. How abuse is perpetuated. Abuser and the abused, victim and the victimizer. Some people are here figuring that out. Looking at it karmacly, past life regression. These same dynamics are at play, this will expose the genius. Carl Jung said “The wound becomes your genius.” The wound is the challenge, if it is about that person, about getting their essence back. You do not want to get in a fight with your abuser, but get smart about the relationships you are choosing, we are the creators of our reality. In a situation, you cant see a way out.

What happens when the money is gone? No security deposit available? What happens, how does a person extract themselves. Ultimately, we are creative beings, are ability is to get calm, it might be hard to reach, waiting for a little bit of inspiration. What has happened to a couple of these clients, is that you need to become creative, one ships can come in over the calm sea, the vegus nerve, the catching of the breathe. The pattern interrupt, stop in the middle of the craziness. 99 percent of the time, we are safe, and sometimes, we need to collect ourselves for a moment, allow the creativity to come in. The body is always in the present.

Taking a breath, calms the nervous system immediately. I am the one choosing to go where I want to go next. You have to reinvent who you are, it is an insight, and sometimes it feels like that is way too big, or how is that going to happen. Take a breath, and just nurture it, see what comes with it. A moment of clarity, if not calm. The stress is living too far in the past and the future. Merediths husband has a service called drzeus.com, you can check this out. This was a beautiful time to disconnect, an inner anarchist to come out and say this is what they want in me. People in fear and shut down in abuse, people cant see possibility and opportunity. Look around and figure out where there is love.

Can you go where love is, to get safe and think clearly. How do we open ourselves up to think clearly again. Some people do not have a safe place, they are having to find an inner reservoir, to find where that love is. That pressure, is what it really took, in resistance, you want to stay in judgement, these are not times that will serve you well. To find that place, the only thing we can really trust is ourselves. What is it that you know you can rely upon yourself? Inner rebellion, will say no, Im not doing this anymore.

Everything else is based on status quo and control. Abusers see somebody else’s power, and are threatened by someone else’s power. How is it that little kids can be molested? She finds just under 100 percent of the time, people have a master number in numerology, these people have that, they need to remember what this journey was about. What to remember, is wrong or good. If the abuser is still the abuser, you can wake up to your own power. Victimization, the victimizer, can say that they do not need to provoke someone else’s power. Tiffany is a clairaudience, clairvoyant, as a young girl. She was sensitive in so many ways, to wake up her own intuition, and to learn discernment. Most empaths become bombarded because they still have discernment that needs to be worked out.


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