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Zombie cells, are what causes heart disease, diabetes, degenerative disorders, obesity and other chronic illnesses. This is when there is a surge of out of control zombie cells, in your body. Samuel Grenville, says that he knows how to change and counter act the deficiency of these cells, to replenish them with new cells. He can kill, cancer cells, repair damaged brain cells, detoxify an over repugnant liver, cleanse the kidneys, regulate high blood pressure, purify the blood, strengthen the immune system, fight depression and boost memory and brain function.

Samuel, is a top health researcher in the U.S.A. Cells die everyday building new cells, if you think and act in certain ways, positively new cells with replenish well. However, in some foods that we eat, as well as are natural environment, these zombie cells can come up and mutilate, what your body is trying to fight off against. The culprit of walking dead cells, is focused upon a protein molecular molecule, called NF- Kappa Beta, otherwise known as the master switch. It causes inflammation, due to stress, and we are always stressed out human beings. When you get hurt, or stressed, the NF-Kappa Beta response trigger, goes off into the brain and the body and starts firing out all different cells to counterattack the good cells.

It fires off inflammation into the organs and tissues, that can cause degenerative diseases. Chronic inflammation triggers the production of free radical oxygen molecules, corrupting your cells’ DNA. Your DNA is the ‘software’ on how to create a new cell.When that software gets corrupted? Your cells become defective, and therefore, turn into zombie like cells. Apoptosis is when the body fights off billions of dead cells, making room for healthy ones. The bottom line? When your cells refuse to die, your body is left wide open and vulnerable to disease. It’s another consequence of poor diet or toxic invaders from the environment.

This therefore means, some of your cells can’t hear the ‘death signals’ that tell them when to die. This then, means you have old, worn out and defective cells, piling up on top of each other! These, healthy cells, NF-Kappa Beta levels are tightly controlled. This is a good thing, until we age, and our bodies become overwhelmed with foreign invaders. NF-Kappa Beta flips the switch, activating over 400 pro-inflammatory genes in your body. This is when stress responses kick in, zombie cells emerge. You can minimize your exposure to guard against disease in three different components. Eliminating zombie cells from your body, replacing them with new youthful healthy cells. Cleaning your cells, scrubbing away the free radical molecules.

As well as stopping inflammation. Turmeric, is a wonder herb these days with is fighting abilities for inflammation and disease. Herb abilities, it is found in many spices such as Indian food. “After 5600 Peer-reviewed Studies, it’s not only the most studied ingredient on the planet, it’s becoming clear it may be one of nature’s MOST POWERFUL healers on the planet.” “In fact, my 5-year long research project on this plant has revealed over 600 potential therapeutic applications and 175 beneficial physiological effects.” Says Samuel. The ancient Indian and Chinese medicine has revered turmeric for its medicinal properties for the last 4500 years.It appears that the pigment that gives this kind of turmeric its yellow-orange color, is able to “discipline” cells and get them back into working together in order.

It repairs them, then heals them. Turmeric’s main active component — curcumin — is what gives the spice its yellow color. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potential treatment for a number of health conditions, including reduced pain and increased ease of movement in people with osteoarthritis. Curcumin protects the brain cells from aging – a recent landmark study found that the participants taking the curcumin had more dissolved plaque in their blood than those taking the placebo. Curcumin appears to bind brain-destroying plaque and break it down. It will scrub your cells clean of oxidative damages.

This would be by blocking and then neutralizing them, boosting the bodies anti-oxidant’s. It helps promote heart health as well. In seniors, in can help retain mood, focus and energy as well. So with just curcumin, it could work, however, it is said now that black pepper can help in this process, to absorb in the body much better. That’s right, the spice sitting right next to your salt shaker contains a compound called Piperine. It shields against, the circumin bottling up in your digestive tract. BioPerine™, a new form of black pepper extract, is making headlines right now. Curafen, the most potent circumin on the market along with black pepper.

It is a natural upgraded curcumin remedy potent enough to eliminate disease at the source by keeping the ‘master regulator’ of inflammation in check. Here’s how it works, when chronic inflammation is triggered, a protein complex called NF- KAPPA BETA activates the gene receptors, triggering the production of COX-2, and enzyme responsible for inflammation. This can lead to a whole, of dangerous diseases. “With Curafen you can put a stop to this at the source by blocking NF-kappa Beta and preventing the growth of the tiny little blood vessels that cause inflammation, free radicals AND zombie cell outbreaks.”

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