Invisible Acts of Power

Caroline Myss, talks about invisible acts of power. It is what are intuitive system is designed to respond too. When she was growing up roman catholic, she spoke in miracles and angels. Realizing that angels and saints were real. She grew up knowing she was never alone, growing up with angels and saints around her. The holy guardians of the world, we lived in. Faith is an active force, an invisible power somewhat like love. More people today have faith in what they do not believe in, than what they do believe in. All timeless faiths, share this same expression.

God is everywhere, in the invisible world, it is within us, we are intuitively wired to sense each other. In particular, wired to sense the frugality and vulnerability of us human beings, our own energy fields. What she realized this one day, while watching homeless people, were so many people avoided these homeless people. They felt this vulnerability in that human being. They had to numb themselves because their intuition, intuitive wiring, could sense the vulnerability. In the army they train people to see them as animals, because they cant see them as human beings, as soldiers. They have to turn down that humanity.

The goal of consciousness is to open ourselves up to each other. You’re intuitive skill, is about you awakening to the sense of your soul. This may come as a shock but your soul is not about you, its the navigating force for you to chart your way through the universe, much bigger than yourself. All life breeds together, becoming conscious of your place in this universe. The capacity to sense others as much as yourself. What is grace? Everyone has been in a situation where you in a heated argument with someone. The bad ace up your sleeve, you know it will hurt that person so badly, bringing up a past time. The thing you know would crush the person; then you hear the voice that says are you sure you want to say that. That voice kicks in.

You walk out, you do not say what you wanted to say; and say thank god I did not say what I wanted to say. Acts of grace, happen all of the time. It saves us from our worst instincts, it gives us opportunities to act, on behalf of others. To be the tools, of the invisible world, in the visible. To be the hands of heaven on earth. Angels walk the earth in disguise. The invisible world, is visible in so many ways, if you know how to see it, how to look for it, how to break the codes. You have to be willing to surrender to divine guidance.

One way to view surrender, is that we have bottomed out or failed in some way. We avoid surrender, because we know we need to help ourselves. Then there is sacred surrender. Sacred surrender is when you get, deep in your soul, how powerful you are. What an incredibly powerful instrument you really are. Every thought you say is heard, every prayer you say is heard. Then what you have to contend with, is what is the truth. Your rules of your life have to change, if you really are a powerful instrument of the sacred, everybody else is too. You have to up the bar, realizing you have to work at this.

Help, and guidance meaning you have to surrender to it. When heaven is giving you instructions, you will never get to step 2, unless you do not mess it up. Your spiritual journey to empowerment, is about how we become something greater than ourselves on behalf of everybody else. Making the human journey a much better place, what we have to give to the whole. Not what we can take from life, but how we can transform the whole of life, on behalf of everything else. Your inner senses, are going to awaken, they awaken so you can begin the journey of self discovery. Who you really are, what really drives you.

This is so you can truly respond to the needs of others, a deeper potential into you, as a soul. A miracle, is something that happens out of flow of ordinary time. Why doesn’t healing happen at that speed? Healing at the speed of sacred power, accept that they would not be able to withstand the speed of sacred power. The force of it, requires, the existence of partnership within the invisible world. In fact, more power pours into you. You are not driven by greed, but realize that the more you help, the more everyone, all humanity benefits, what is in one, is in the whole. Even in our darkest moments, these invisible acts of power happen all of the time, these angels will show up, heaven responds to us, it is one huge breathing apparatus, every prayer is heard, every action is known. When something wonderful happens, use the right language, say it is grace.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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