Color Therapy

Color Therapy, with Hayden Crawford, deals with perfumes as colors!

Colour Therapy: How You Can Heal Your Body With Colour

Colour therapy is a form of Energetic Healing used to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as their physical well-being. But how can you harness the energy that’s right for you?

Hayden Crawford : “As a Wellness Coach and Spiritual Teacher, I use a variety of energy remedies to help support my clients through challenges so that they can start to lead the life of their dreams. My biggest passion is ‘colour’, particularly how you can use it to heal your body, mind and soul. During the video, I will be asking you to select from a range of coloured bottles from the Color Mirrors so that you can learn how and why it will support you during this phase of your life…”
But first, let’s look at what colour actually is…

Our most crucial source of energy is light. To be able to inhabit this planet, we require sunlight. It comprises of all the wavelengths plus the full electromagnetic spectrum that we need to survive.
As light beams through our eyes, it activates hormone production, which affects our wellbeing. The spectrum of colours we are able to perceive is derived from light.

Science has demonstrated that each colour detected in the visible light spectrum transmits at its own wavelength and frequency. This creates particular energy that has a nutritive effect. The visible light, a rainbow, has a calming influence on us and is remedying.

What is Energetic Healing?
Energetic Healing is an inclusive term for any modality that influences the energy currents in our physical or subtle bodies to reclaim balance and improve our body’s instinctive healing operations. Some more popular therapies in this category include Reiki, Kinesiology and Acupuncture.

However, Energetic Healing also incorporates other natural tools such as flower essences, aura and chakra balancing, gem elixirs, crystal healing, colour therapy, faith healing and organic essential oils. Practitioners are usually skilled in multiple modalities and will incorporate these in a style that is authentic to them. It is very common for them to include intuitive skills with their practical and theoretical education.

Energetic Healing investigates an invisible realm behind the physical and rebalances the meridians, auric bodies, chakras where the cause of the disease is found.
Emotional and mental stress, false belief systems or trauma are stored in the energy circuits around our bodies, affecting our ability to perform at our optimum level.
How can colour therapy help?

Colour therapy can benefit a wide spectrum of diseases, disorders and disabilities. It can help improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. It can be beneficial to those who have suffered emotional abuse.
Today, there is scientific evidence that shows how we respond emotionally and psychologically to colours. Even in the past, artists like Rembrandt and Michelangelo used colours to symbolically convey messages in their paintings. Similarly, Chromotherapy utilizes colours based on their electrical properties to stimulate emotions and feelings. Chromotherapy is a therapeutic science that dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians who used specially built solarium rooms with different coloured glass to bathe in specific colours to produce different healing effects.

Colour therapy offers specific colours or levels of vibrations to specific parts of the body to regenerate and rejuvenate areas that are diseased, or that are experiencing blocked or restricted energy. Oftentimes, the body needs only slight additional input of one or more colour vibrations out of sync due to poor diet, excessive toxicity, emotional tension, anxiety, and general improper care.

One method is to choose the colour which provides us with the power we need and then absorb that particular colour. This can be achieved through:
Eating those colours in nutritious foods;
Wearing them in our choice of clothing;
Drinking them in water that has been amplified in coloured glass bottles;
Bathing in colour;
Through Reiki healing or;
Using vibrational essences, elixirs and sprays.
Other ways to practically incorporate Color Therapy into our lives include colour puncture, Chromatherpay, solar ray therapy, crystals and gems and colour breathing and visualization.
Colour is a mirror. Bathing in coloured oils releases old emotions from the cellular memory which set you free. Quite often people turn to colour therapy when nothing else works. It works organically and intelligently without you needing to be consciously aware of what is happening within your body.

In effect, colour stimulates the body’s own healing responses so when these old beliefs and emotions are cleared and transmuted, we can be free to evolve with ease and grace which always impacts the functioning of the physical body.
Which Color Should You Choose?

I’d like you to take a few moments to look at this image of 9 multicoloured bottles. The color/s you are attracted to are trying to tell you something about your life right now and what may require some attention for healing.
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Which one are you drawn to? Remember the number and I will reveal the wisdom of the bottles to you in just a second.

Bottle 1
If you chose yellow bottle number 1 then you have selected The Sun.
This bright colour resonates with the solar plexus. It is the colour of WISDOM, CLARITY, SELF-ESTEEM, OPTIMISM and CHEERFUL JOY.
This is your go-to bottle, ruling Number 1s and 10s.
Bring this colour into your life when you require accuracy of thought, mental stimulation and to rebalance overwhelm and confusion. Yellow is intrinsically linked to our ability to perceive and understand and unites us with our mental aspect.
The yellow frequency is bright, animated and extremely optimistic. It is observant, curious, intelligent, sharp, controlling, articulate, an inspiring communicator and very ambitious. Yellow energy has a sense of humour and uplifts the environment, lightening the mood for those with SAD or depression. It clears confusion and fear. It is also joyful, charismatic, intelligent, confident, sensitive, psychic and captivating.
It reminds us of a feeling of total connectedness to our higher aspect.

Bottle 2
If you selected blue bottle number 2, then you selected the Moon.
It correlates with the throat chakra and taking responsibility for your words.
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The key bottle for Ruling Number 2s…
Bring this colour into your life when you need to mentally relax or communicate with authenticity and clarity. Blue has a soothing effect on the nervous system so offers deep relaxation and assists with sleep. It provokes holistic thought and wise speech so use it when you want to make yourself heard.
The blue frequency is quietly confident, direct, clear and honest. It has a calm, caring strength, sincerity and versatility. Blue is a natural mother, protective, reliable and generous. She is optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealist, tranquil, patient, devoted and philosophical. Blue will help to reconnect you to the angelic realms.

Bottle 3
If you chose coral bottle number 3 then you have selected Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.
It is huge, powerful and expansive. It is the new Christ Ray and combines love and wisdom. Coral suggests moving away from old cycles of handing your power away. It enables you to unconditionally love and accept yourself and stand up for what you believe in.
A great bottle for Ruling 3s.
Bring this colour into your life when you are feeling sensitive, tearful or emotional. It will also heal neediness and rebalance the need to attract unrequited love.
The coral frequency wants to be noticed and can help to heal childhood traumas.

Bottle 4
If you chose bottle number 4 yellow over deep turquoise, then you have selected Uranus which represents looking at new ways of doing things.
You may need to look at new ways of living your life as the old method may no longer be serving you. The colour combination helps you to let go of old beliefs, structures or people that are not in alignment with your truth.
The perfect bottle for Ruling number 4.
Bottle 5
If you chose green bottle number 5 then you have selected Mercury, the planet of movement, versatility and communication.
As we know from Numerology the number 5 deals with freedom and discipline.
GREEN is COMPASSION, BALANCE, LOVE, SELF CONTROL, SPACE. The Heart Chakra is governed by green energy.
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Great for Ruling 5s
Bring this colour into your life when you need to open up or calm down and be in harmony. It enables us to express anger and deal with envy and jealousy. Green purifies and rebalances our energy renewing us on every level and supporting us during changes to our home or workspaces. It is perfect for indecision so opens us for change and new beginnings.
The green frequency is harmonious, balanced, serene and understanding. The vibration of idealism, patience and independence. It resonates deeply with art and friendship. Here we can observe an ideal balance between the mental and the physical.

Bottle 6
If you chose pink bottle number 6 then you have selected Venus, the planet of love, harmony and joy in relationships.
She has a rather feminine aspect to her and attracts love to us once we attain deep self-acceptance.
PINK is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, NURTURING, HARMONY, ROMANCE. The Heart Chakra also resonates with the colour pink.
Great for ruling 6s.
Bring this colour into your life when you are experiencing love, mother or money issues. It will also assist with the release of anger, judgement or victimhood. It will shine a light on where you are not looking after yourself properly and help to heal the inner child if you feel that you have experienced a lost childhood. It helps us to accept and receive gifts.
The pink frequency is compassionate, friendly, diplomatic, sensual and affectionate and helps us to let go of judgement and forgive.

Bottle 7
If you chose turquoise bottle number 7 then you have selected Neptune, the planet of mystery, illusion, faith and spirituality.
As we know from Numerology the number 7 likes to explore the deeper meaning behind life and because they prefer to learn through their own experiences makes exceptional teachers.
TURQUOISE is TRUSTWORTHY, CREATIVE & HEARTFELT COMMUNICATION, INTUITIVE. The Upper Heart Chakra is governed by turquoise energy.
Great for Ruling 7s
Bring this colour into your life when you are called to release control and go with the flow more. It is the perfect combination use to help you delve into the depths of your subconscious mind and find your own answers. It offers great peace of mind, creative thinking and fluidity and allows you to be a channel for clairvoyance.
The turquoise frequency is trusting, peaceful, impartial, idealistic and honest.

Bottle 8
If you chose violet bottle number 8 then you have selected Saturn, the planet of destiny and time.
Ruling 8s are by nature, very independent, persistent and like to be in control. They like to be organised and build solid foundations. The colour violet corresponds to the Crown Chakra so is great for Ruling 8s who feel the need to overcome restrictions and burdens.
Bring this colour into your life when you need inspiration or purification of your thoughts or emotions. Violet connects us to our sense of oneness, delivering guidance, enlightenment and profound resilience. It reminds us of our unique creative gifts. It helps us to overcome grief, suicidal tendencies, revenge and control dramas.
The violet frequency is calm, sensitive, ingenious, idealistic and visionary with an ascended mastery. It has endurance and focus and is an archetypal dreamer, perfectionist and philosopher. Violet is like an ancient soul, powerful analytical, wise, loving, generous and sentimental. It is a free spirit with a yearning for liberty, equality and personal independence.

Bottle 9
If you chose red/orange bottle number 9 then you have selected Mars, the planet of fire energy, power and war.
This is the go-to bottle for Ruling 9s, the archetypal humanitarian and healer who idealistically wants to save the world but not until they have got a proper handing on the physical plane.
The colour red relates to the Base Chakra and governs the material world something the celestial Ruling 9 might have a difficult time navigating.
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Bring this colour into your life when you feel depleted of energy or fearful. The colour red offers power from Mother Earth and enhances power on all levels. It stimulates vitality, bravery, strength and establishes the connection to our physical body. It helps us to let go of anger, resentment, greed, struggle, pain and martyrdom and helps us to be more assertive and confident.
The red frequency is dynamic, active, strong and passionate. It is like a courageous survivor. Competitive, dominating, tenacious, inquisitive, impatient, enthusiastic and preferring to lead and win.

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